A look at Tulsa's offense

Tulsa has been known for an offensive machine the past two seasons and their point total pretty much shows this. During 12 games the Golden Hurricanes have averaged 29 points per game, second only to Houston in the Conference USA. Tulsa's passing game will prove to be a great challenge for a Utah defense that has struggled in the secondary. The Golden Hurricanes average 232 passing yards per game, which ranks 4th in the C-USA. Utah's defense gives up on average 220 passing yards per game, below the Tulsa average.

Here's an offensive break down of the Hurricanes.

Tulsa's Total Offense
Points Per Game Yards Per Game Pass Yards Rushing Yards TOP
28.9 399.8 2,786 2,011 32:30

Now a look at Tulsa's passing offense.

Tulsa's Passing Offense
Att/G Comp/G % Pass Yards Per Game TD Int
28.2 18.6 66.0 232.2 16 8

Tulsa doesn't pass the ball nearly as much as BYU, who attempted 34 passes per game this season, but they still are a threat through the air. Tulsa's offense is more tailored around short screen passes, which could pose a problem for the Utes, who haven't defended that type of pass very well this season.

Tulsa is a very efficient at running the ball, too.

Tulsa's Rushing Offense
Rush RushYds Avg Rush Per Game Rushing Yards Per Game TD
455 2,011 4.4 37.9 167.6 28

Tulsa's offense is rather balanced, with the offensive production both coming through the air and on the ground. That type of diverse offense will definitely help Tulsa, especially if their running game can set up the pass. Utah has done a solid job at stopping the running game of their opponents, however they've failed to do that when it came to the passing game and this is something Tulsa will most likely exploit.

The Golden Hurricanes have a solid offense and probably one of the best the Utes have seen this season. If Utah's defense plays like they did against BYU, they most likely will keep Tulsa's offense in check and should do a good enough job of keeping them below their point total. However if Tulsa lights up Utah's secondary, it could be a long night on the Utes' defensive end.

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