Mountain West Conference power rankings

We're hitting the stretch run here and it looks like it's a three man race between Utah, BYU and TCU. 

Team of the Week: Utah. The Utes didn't play a perfect game, but they got the job done Saturday and had the Mountain West's widest margin of victory. Of course, when you're playing Wyoming, you should expect to dominate like that.

Team of the Weak: Wyoming. The Cowboys turned the ball over five times, looked pathetic on offense and lost for the fifth time this season. Looks like Joe Glenn is on his way out of Laramie, which is probably a big plus for him. 


Week Seven Rankings
Rank Team Comments
1 The Utes did what they needed to do against Wyoming and have a fairly easy game Saturday against CSU. Then the schedule gets tough, but for now, Utah looks to be the best team in the Mountain West.
2 I don't know what happened to BYU, but they've had two lethargic victories in a row. A rut or something bigger? We'll find out tonight as they travel to take on TCU in the biggest game of the conference season to date. Whoever wins there will be battling Utah for the title.
3 The Frogs didn't look all that good in their victory over CSU, but they got the job done and move to 6-1 on the season. Tonight offers them a chance to break through, get a huge win and show they're a contender for the championship. Unfortunately, they play BYU, who has won the last two.
4 Air Force got a much needed victory over San Diego State Saturday and now are pretty much positioning themselves for a bowl berth. They can get one step closer Saturday with a win over UNLV.
5 The Rams did not go down easy against TCU and that's a big step in the right direction. Things do get more difficult this weekend as they travel to take on the Utes in Salt Lake. While a win is unlikely, a performance similar to last Saturday's could prove Colorado State is moving in the right direction.

The Lobo defense kept BYU's explosive offense in check most of the game. Too bad their offense isn't very good and because of that, the Cougars rolled 21-3. At 3-4, New Mexico can't afford losing to the Aztecs at home Saturday.

7 UNLV had a much needed bye week after giving away a game against the Rams a week prior. Now they host Air Force and you've got to think it's a near-must win for Mike Sanford. A loss would put them at 3-4, with BYU, TCU and New Mexico still left on the schedule. 
8 Like last week, San Diego State is here by default. The Aztecs aren't very good, but neither is Wyoming. However, they managed three more points over the weekend than the Cowboys and they didn't give up 40, either. 
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