A win for one is a win for all! -- Part III

Continued from: A win for one is a win for all!

The dust had settled from the initial rebellion and the BCS cartel braced itself for another volley of insurrection.  They dug in strong and came out with force.  Undeterred, the uprising flared up anew, but this week was not to be a week of glory.

It had its moments.  West Virginia fell, granting East Carolina new found respect.  They have felled three top 25 teams in a row, one of our own.  Washington was overcome by BYU.  Akron and Middle Tennessee did their part, adding to the sacking of the ACC and Big East.  But in 25 games the rebellion was quelled.  New Mexico, UCF and Bowing Green had opportunities lost.  With the rebellion launched and battle lines drawn, now comes the time to survey the field.

The ACC and Big East have fallen!  Four of our comrades have entered their ranks, sitting among them in their own top 25!  They have made a place to let one of us through, but our goal is higher.  We want a spot for two!

The SEC and Big 12 have risen as well.  Slaying all comers, they stand tall and proud.  Their numbers fill the rankings, as such they are allies.  Only two from each can get a seat at the final table, with Bowls of high honor and seating for ten.  Each spot taken by them is one less for our foes.

So our focus is narrowed, our goal is in sight.  Two conferences must be weakened to reach our lofty goal.  The Big 10 is on the ropes and the knockout punch can be delivered this week.  If Fresno State can take Wisconsin while USC delivers Ohio State to its doom, the Big 10’s lot will be sealed.

The PAC 10 will take doing, the fight started last week.  TCU takes on Stanford, and BYU will face UCLA.  These games will decide the balance at stake while New Mexico versus Arizona and Hawaii versus Oregon State may shift the balance firmly our way.

As the weeks are continued one thing remains,


Hit List: (These teams must eventually lose, bold means it is urgent.)


Arizona State


Penn State

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