Top 10 moments of 2008-2009.

Jazzy probably has all of these on video, but here are the top 10 moments of 08-09 for me:

10- Godfrey's TD at the end of the 1st half against Michigan.  If he doesn't push in from the 1-yard line I don't know if we win that game.  Probably would have ranked higher if Michigan did not suck so much.

9- The closing minute drive against AF.  No play really stands out, maybe the TD run.

8- The two sacks to take TCU out of FG range in the first half of the game.

7- The defensive performance of the last quarter of the UNM game.

6- The first interception of the BYU game.  Good read, good play, but nothing compared to what we were about to see.  

5- Sack #1 on John Parker Wilson, by Sly, which let us know we weren't giving up anything against their "more-talented" OL.

4- Kruger's pick in the BYU game.  Would probably be #2 if he hadn't fallen down at the 2 yard line.

3- The last two minutes of the Oregon State game.  I'll admit, I gave up when they scored the touchdown.  But then Brian goes down, ties it up, defense gets the stop and Brian gives Louie the chance to win it in regulation, which (of course) he does.  Never should have doubted him.

2- The last minute drive against TCU.  We had, prior to that drive, 200 yards of TOTAL OFFENSE all game.  An average of about 50 yards per quarter.  We finished it off with an 80-yard TD drive to win the game.  This game I actually watched the whole ending, because after the OSU game I was sure Brian wasn't letting us lose.  The 4th-and-5 conversion is the best play of the drive, especially considering Brian had just missed an easy TD by overthowing Casteel.

1- TD number 3 against Alabama.  Two great long drives, plus the one short drive after the interception, and I knew we were in this game for real.  A 14-0 lead after one quarter is pretty good, but a 21-0 lead is soul-crushing for the other team. 

Anyway, that's mine.


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