The official final top-25 up all night thread


UPDATE: 12:13: It's here, Utah is ranked...SECOND!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: 12:10: Yet another 1st place vote, thank you! This from Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. You guys rock! Here is a 3rd place vote. Not ideal, but oh well.

UPDATE: 11:50: Another 1st place vote! This time from Houston. Houston, we don't have a problem.

UPDATE: 11:27: Mark May doesn't even think Utah belongs in the national championship discussion. What the hell does he know?

UPDATE: 11:16: Sweet, a 2nd place vote.

UPDATE: 11:07: If anything, Utah is the people's choice right now.

UPDATE: 11:06: Yawn, no news to report. Great season, though, am I right?

UPDATE: 10:58: And just like that, Van Pelt is dead to me. Suggests USC has a bigger gripe than Utah. Yeah, sure, until you realize they LOST A GAME.

UPDATE: 10:50:  Scott Van Pelt sticking up for Utah, pushing the idea of a playoff and saying this season is proof a +1 doesn't do a damn thing. Why? Because Utah would be left out. 

Oh and it looks like 4th is where the Utes will end up. Ugh.

UPDATE: 10:53: No love for Utah from ESPN. Corso continues the USC coddling, but they pretty much ignore Utah's gripe. Screw 'em.

UPDATE: 10:48: Looks like the wort case scenario is taking place, folks. $#!%

UPDATE: 10:41: Finally, a first place vote! This from Mike Hlas of the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

UPDATE: 10:39: Doug Segrest of has Utah 4th.

UPDATE: 10:37: John Heuser of the Ann Arbor News has Utah 3rd.

UPDATE: 10:31: Sargarin rankings out, Utah finishes #1 in the ELO_CHESS. Won't matter, though. ESPN continues their love-fest with Tim Tebow. It's getting X-rated.

UPDATE: 10:27: Another vote for fifth, this time from a granola eating Oregonian fool.

UPDATE, 10:20: Hey, folks, you know what bugs me? How hyped the Big 12 is every year and every year, they lay egg. I mean, good for Texas and what they did in the 2006 Rose Bowl, but since then, they've been overhyped every damn year. The Sooners have lost five straight BCS bowl games. How long until the BCS realizes they don't belong and suspend them for five seasons? I know it sounds harsh, but c'mon! If you can't prove you deserve a BCS bowl bid, then step aside and give it to someone maybe Missouri last year. Oh but had we done that, then we wouldn't have watched Pat White and West Virginia walk all over the Sooners.


Welcome! The final polls will be released at any time and we'll finally see where our 2008 Utah Utes r ank. ESPN has their special and right now Chris Fowler is saying he'll put Utah at fifth. Yes, fifth. At least if you go by the pre-bowl rankings, which it appears he endorses. 

I would not be offended if you wanted to send headless Barbie dolls to his ESPN address. Yes...that'll work.

Anyway, keep refreshing, we'll be here until the results are announced! Now back to the show...

Let me just say this, anyone who feels the need to put Utah fifth should not only have their vote stripped, but they 


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