The story of Lucky G. O'Utes

Since Block U has grown considerably since the 2007 season, I'm guessing many readers aren't familiar with Lucky the Leprechaun.

I know what you're thinking. What the hell does a leprechaun have to do with the Utes? We're not freaking Notre Dame! You're right. It has absolutely nothing to do with Utah or the Utes. Truth is, there is almost zero Irish history in this state. 

But it actually does make some sense. 

You see, it began the week after the 2007 UNLV disaster. Utah had just lost 27-0 and everything was spinning out of control. Their season was going down the toilet. I was in desperate need to find something, anything, to provide the Utes a bit of luck heading into their game against Utah State. 

What's luckier than a leprechaun? I can't think of anything.

So Lucky was born. I added him to the Utah State game thread and the Utes won. The following week, against Louisville, I threw him up there again and again they won. After that, the wins started piling up. Two turned to three and three to five and eventually five to seven. 

Even after the Utes lost to BYU in November of '07, I felt his power. He was there for the Poinsettia Bowl win and stayed throughout the entire 2008 season. Not coincidentally a 13-0 Utah campaign. 

Since Lucky made his first appearance on Block U, the Utes are 25-2. A remarkable stretch that even bests Urban Meyer's two years here. 

I think we know why. 

How long will the magic last? I can't say. But this superstition is so ingrained in my mind, I don't even dare not include him in the game threads. 

Silly? Sure. But the Utes were at their lowest point leaving Las Vegas in September 2007 and the moment I threw Lucky into it all, they've produced the best stretch in school history. 

Who would have thought that possible after being shut out by a team that would only win two games that year? 

The proof is in the jig.


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