Fall camp opens

Since practice isn't open to the public (bummer), we'll only be able to rely on what the media tells us.

That's not too bad, but I'd like to see the progress first hand. Oh well. 

Anyway, Lya Wodraska is providing a live blog from the first day of camp and has some interesting things to report.

Utah coach Kyle Whittingham was happy with how the team looked:

"They came out with a good mentality about them," he said. "Apparently they made a lot of progress this summer. Things were a lot sharper going into this fall camp than they were going into spring ball."

This is good news. I know Coach Whitt had some issues early during spring ball, so it's nice to see maybe they've been resolved. Of course, it's just one day and we'll see if that carries over to the rest of camp and the start of the season.

As for the quarterback battle, the first of what is going to be many updates is there was no separation, he said. "It's neck and neck, no separation at all," Whittingham said. "All three had good practices today. We got off to a good start, of course there were no pads on so there was not a lot going on, but all three are working hard. It's going to be interesting to see how this thing unfolds."

Asked if he thought the job was his and returner Corbin Louks gave a definitive "yes" as a response.

I'm fine if the no separation comes from the the three proving they truly deserve the starting role. I'd much rather that be the scenario than just giving it to to Louks because there hasn't been enough of an impression.

Who will be Matt Asiata's backup at running back is unknown, but Eddie Wide and Sausan Shakerin are the front runners, Whittingham said. "We won't know who that second guy is for another 10 days or so."

Not a surprise.

Whittingham said Sean Sellwood punted well, while "usual suspects" Zane Beadles, Zane Taylor and Koa Misi" looked strong, as did QB Terrance Cain.

Whittingham also singled out freshman Latu Heimuli, who he predicts could have a big impact at defensive tackle this season.

I expect the defense to pull together faster than the offense, but I'm excited to hear Cain looked strong. I like Cain and think he could be a great quarterback for the Utes. One of my biggest concerns, though, is the kicking game now that Louie Sakoda has graduated. I understand there will be some drop off, but I just hope it isn't so noticeable it costs Utah some wins.

By the sounds of it, Utah's first day of camp looked solid. That's always good to hear, especially so early. 

Let's hope all of camp goes as well.

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