Week SEVEN'S Important games.

I'm simply continuing the trend Displaced started by analyzing each opponent ranked higher (and our OOC foes).  The fact that we didn't drop a spot in the coaches poll and the initial BCS poll makes the sting of dropping in the AP much better. Truthfully I don't expect too many surprises this week due to the fact most of the teams above us are playing at home.

#1 Ohio St. @ #18 Wisconsin: The only reason I think this might be a game is because OSU has been good but not dominating. I doubt the upset will happen but there's certainly a chance.

#2 Oregon is on a bye week

#3 Boise St. @ San Jose St.- Upset is not gonna happen , all we can hope for is that they don't crush them as bad as we did. Moving on

#4 TCU vs BYU- There's a small part of me that thinks BYU has actually righted their ship somewhat and just might give the frogs a scare. I think it will only be for a quarter though. TCU will murder them cause they just got too many weapons for the kitties to handle.

#5 Nebraska vs Texas- The Longhorns have been a major disappointment in the Big-12 but after the talent they lost, I'm not completely surprised. The Huskers have revenge on their minds and they will punish Texas on their turf. Upset won't happen. Moving on   

#6 Oklahoma vs Iowa St.- As much as I would love for the Cyclones to do us many favors by picking off the Sooners,  it isn't gonna happen. Moving on 

#7 Auburn vs #12 Arkansas- This game is lose-lose for us. If the upset happens, the Razorbacks will jump us for sure. If Auburn wins, they stay above us. Upset is very possible though.

#8 Alabama vs Mississippi- After getting shocked by SC, the tide will demolish the Rebels at home, upset isn't  happening. Moving on

#9 LSU vs McNesse St.- Les Miles gets a break from his Houdini ways to face a cupcake. The next two weeks will be his true gauntlet. No chance for a upset here

#10 South Carolina @ Kentucky- Even though the Wildcats nearly upset Auburn last week,  I doubt they will give Spurrier's squad a scare. Then again, the Gamecocks presence in the spotlight might be enough of a distraction to give KU a chance at surprising them. Again, I doubt it will happen.

Other games of note:

Pitt @ Syracuse: Syracuse has won all but one game so far (against Washington) so on paper it looks to be a problem for Pitt, I think Pitt can win this one if it can stop the internal bleeding so to speak. Pitt has been a major letdown but they still have time to turn things around.

Notre Dame vs Western Michigan: This game looks to be one of the easier games they face. Hopefully the Irish can pick up some steam in this one and their next following games (Tulsa and Navy) before we face off on November 13th.        

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