4-U: 10/13 Bodacious Ta-tas

UndUlating, Ubiquitous and completely Unrelated

Sometimes it's the "little" things in life that give you the biggest smile... now I bet you are really confused about the title...

But first something completely different:


Nurse me into sickness, infect me me back to health,

I can't give you up ,till I've had more than enough,

Infect me with your love... -- Infected , TheThe


Today on the bus there were these twin girls that brightened my day immensely.  Get your minds out of the gutter!  What made these girls so special was their innocence.  Both girls were academically challenged for lack of a better term.  By no means, could you call these young ladies slow, dim-witted or any of the misnomers generally used.  With their eyes the looked out of the bus and saw a world filled with wonder. Wearing smiles of pure joy, one could only envy their happiness, yet at the same you couldn't help but be caught up by their brilliant smiles.  Their smiles were indeed infectious.  As was their love of the splendors of the world and the beauty of a crisp fall day. I was infected with their pure innocent love of everything...  Truly they beheld more with their eyes than most of us jaded, educated hapless souls. 

I couldn't help but to carry that infectious smile with me the rest of the day and infect others with it.  For that, they have my utmost heartfelt gratitude.

As I walked the streets of downtown Salt Lake City, my heart was also lifted by the Ute Fever painted in store front windows.

What has all of this to do with the title???

My third pleasure of the day was finding my Ute colors, red on white, wrist band proclaiming Save the Ta-tas.  I couldn't resist this impulse buy and did my part in contributing to Breast Cancer Awareness.

See? Its the little things that make life a joy.


What made you smile today??

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