Week 9's important games

I had a personal tragedy and haven't really been posting, but I'm trying to get back into my regular life, including stuff like this.  Thanks to Gambit for picking up the slack in my absence.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, now that we're in the top 10, I'm going to narrow the focus of these posts to the top 15 plus Pitt and Notre Dame.  Rankings are BCS poll.  Again, most likely upsets/changes are in bold.  #10 Wisconsin OU and #15 Iowa are on a bye.  Here we go:

1- #1 Auburn @ Ole Miss.  There are a few national personalities picking Ole Miss to win.  Not out of the question (Auburn has looked beatable, especially on Defense).

2- #2 Oregon @ USC.  Oregon looks like the better team, but the game is in LA and USC is always good, regardless of their goofy coach and the sanctions. 

3- La Tech @ #3 Boise.  Boise doesn't lose at home to LA Tech.  Moving on.

4- #4 TCU @ UNLV.  UNLV has improved.  Not enough.  Moving on.

5- #5 MSU @ #18 Iowa.  MSU has been living on borrowed time.  This is probably their super bowl, however, since they don't have to play OSU.  Win this and the national title game is easily within their reach.  Still, Iowa's probably better, and it's in Iowa.  Go Hawkeyes.

6- #6 Missouri @ #14 Nebraska.  Go Huskers.  Nebraska looks better than Missouri too, and they're far enough back that beating MU probably doesn't hurt us too much.  Missouri wins out they're probably in the title game, Nebraska needs a lot more help (probably depending on who the opponent is in the Big 12 title game). 

7- #7 Alabama @ #12 LSU.  This is a lose-lose for us.  LSU jumps us if they beat Alabama, Alabama stays ahead if they beat LSU.  Still, LSU has looked bad and they still have to play @ Arkansas at the end of the year, so let's root for LSU right now.

8- #8 Utah @ AF.  GO UTES!  Moving on.

9- CU @ #9 OU.  CU win would be nice, just for future conference mates.  Not happening.  Moving on.

10- #11 OSU @ Minn.  Minn not winning.  Moving on.

11- #13 Stanford @ Washington.  I put this in bold because it's in Washington and Stanford looks good, but not unbeatable.  Still think Stanford wins by 10+, but worth keeping an eye on.

12- #15 Arizona @ UCLA.  Same with this one.  UCLA is better than they've looked, game's on the road, and Arizona looks beatable (especially if Foles is injured).

Louisville @ Pitt.  Obviously want Pitt to win, but the advantages of a 8-4 or 7-5 Pitt team on the schedule are few.  Still, Pitt should win this one.

Tulsa @ Notre Dame.  Again, Notre Dame is not giving us the boost we were hoping for, but they really need to win this one.

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