Week SIX's important games

Now that we're in the top 10, I'm going to narrow the focus of these posts to the top 15 plus Pitt and Notre Dame.  Again, most likely upsets/changes are in bold.  #6 OU and #15 Iowa are on a bye.  Here we go:

1- #1 Alabama @ #19 South Carolina.  South Carolina is 3-1, so they're the first team who can beat Alabama and still not necessarily jump us.  Go Gamecocks!

2- Indiana @ #2 Ohio State.  Upset very unlikely (even though OSU looks beatable, I don't think this is the game).

3- #3 Oregon @ Wash. State.  WSU might be the worst AQ team in America.  Upset not happening.  Moving on.

4- Toledo @ #4 Boise.  Boise doesn't lose at home, especially not to a team that just lost to Wyoming.  Moving on.

5- Wyoming @ #5 TCU.  Wyoming's win streak ends at 1.  Moving on.

6- #7 Nebraska @ KSU.  KSU is looking pretty good so far (not great) and it's at home.  Upset possible, keep an eye on it.

7- #8 Auburn @ Kentucky.  Upset possible here as well.  SEC road games are tough, UK has looked decent (not great) and Auburn is sketchy (a couple of close wins over SC, Clemson and MSU so far).  Keep an eye on it.

8- Oregon State @ #9 Arizona.  I think OSU is pretty good and Arizona is not as good as they appear.  OSU has better coaching, and they certainly have the talent to play with UA.  They'd be ranked if their OOC didn't include two top-5 teams (Boise and TCU).

9- #10 Utah @ ISU.  Utah wins.  Moving on.

10- #11 Arkansas @ Texas A&M.  I think Texas A&M is looking decent (not great).  They might beat Arkansas at home (removing a threat).  I don't think Arkansas passes us even with a win, but worth watching.

11- #12 LSU @ #14 Florida.  Go Gators.  LSU is undefeated (although poorly) and Florida has a blowout loss to Alabama.  I guess LSU can win and then get beat by Alabama later, but if LSU wins they'll jump us (and they're already ahead of us in the Coaches' poll)

12- #23 FSU @ #13 Miami.  Go Seminoles.  BYU's season is so ruined that it won't matter if FSU is the best team in the nation, so I won't have to hear any excuses from BYU fans about SOS if FSU wins.  Plus Miami is a legitimate threat, FSU is so far down that it will take a lot to catch us, and there aren't a lot of statement wins in the ACC.

13- #17 MSU @ #18 Michigan.  I know I just said that we're only doing the top 15, but the winner of this game probably jumps us.  We want Michigan to win because they still have OSU, PSU, and Iowa and MSU only has Iowa and PSU.

Notre Dame and Pitt actually play each other this week (in South Bend).  Not really sure what I want.  Probably want Notre Dame to win so they look better when we play them (ND is 2-3 right now and Pitt is 2-2).

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