A few days later

Ute fans, we have had a few days now to swallow the bitter pill that came our way on Saturday.  We have gotten through the ribbing, the teasing, and the attacks from the jealous cougars.  We are starting to recover and Saturday (and a chance at redemption) can't get here soon enough!

Obviously, it's not possible, but if the Utah-TCU game was really being played on the X-Box and when we got to the fourth quarter and realized we would be embarassed and could just hit the reset button, what would you do?  What would you change to ensure that this did not happen again?

I have three changes that I would make to the gameplan.  Without further adieu, here is Big Ben's list of improvements to the game plan!

1.  Run the ball

We absolutely did not even try to establish a running attack.  Yes, TCU's defense is stout, but we have two of the best running backs in the conference.  All game long TCU dropped 8 guys into coverage.  We needed to establish a run to keep everyone on their heels. 

2. BLOCK! 

The fact that TCU was able to apply pressure with three guys throughout the game is inexcusable. Dropping 8 guys into coverage, Wynn should have had plenty of time to find his guys, even if they were heavily covered. 

3.  Not panic! 

We panicked!  TCU scored fast and we felt like we had to hurry and match and were pressing from play #1.  We have to be more patient.  We need to play OUR game, not try to match what someone else is doing.  Kyle Whittingham said that the Utes were going to open the playbook this week.  I didn't see it.  I just saw us trying to play their game, instead of us dictating the tempo. 

Would we have won? Probably not, but we could have and should have played much better than that.  Notre Dame has had a week to prepare for us.  I hope we are on top of our game saturday.  12-1 is still possible.  If we play "Utah Football" there is not a team left on the scedule that can beat us.  Not one.  But its up to us.




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