from here on out, what id like to see....

Here is a list of things that I'd like to see going forward for the rest of the season that I think will improve our team:

1.  Shawn Asiata

Just once, just ONCE, I want to see him carry the ball.  If we have a fullback, USE HIM!  It will throw the defense off and make them respect it.  I think he could be just as good as, if not better than Manasee Tonga.  He is about 270 pounds (much more than his listed weight) and it takes a lot out of linebackers trying to bring him down.  He doesn't have to carry the ball 10 times a game, just give him 2 or 3 carries, just to make sure that the defense is honest.


2.  Tight Ends

In the TCU game, the tight ends were frequently open.  In my last post I talked about TCU bringing pressure with just three guys and dropping back 8 guys.  The tight ends were not respected and frequently had one on one coverage (f that).  Kendrick Moeai only caught one pass!  Yes, I know that Jordan Wynn was under pressure all day and was throwing off of the wrong foot, but we have to make defenses respect that!  It could have been a big help. 


3.  Matt and Eddie

The formation I am going to describe next, I have seen utilized several times this year, but not nearly enough.  I want Matt and Eddie in the backfield together.  Too often I see them rotating and being a single back.  I want to see more plays where they are in together.  I think this will (you may be sensing a theme here) keep defenses on their heels.  The linebackers won't be able to zero in on one.  The variations and plays you could run from this formation is limitless. 

4.  Shaky Formation

I want more snaps taken by Shaky.  Again, just 2-3 per game would be good.  Keep the defense honest.  Shaky can throw or run it.  He ought to be able to do it more often.  Shaky could also be utilized more in the pass game.  Against TCU, he only had one catch.  I thought Wynn should have looked his way more often, but again that goes back to Wynn having to run for his life and TCU still having 8 guys back in coverage.  Makes life hard.

5.  Star Lotuleli

Star has been in on some goal line packages for the offense.  He is huge!  A media release earlier referred to him as a "mammoth".  Throw him the ball or let him run it in ala Steve Fifita. 

The reason I post this is because against TCU, we didn't establish some basics.  Without those basics established, TCU took away our bread and butter plays.  This Utah team seemingly has a plethora of weapons.  If we can establish most of them, we can explode on anyone.  There is absolutely no reason why we should lose the rest of the season.  We should own the ball for 35+ minutes every game.  12-1 and getting back into the top 10 is very doable and it will be a dissapointment if we don't. 

Let's go UTES!

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