Week 10's important games

So last week went just about as well as we could have hoped (except the Notre Dame loss, stupid domers).  Oregon or Auburn could have lost, but other than that, good week.  Ohio State is off this week.  Here's this week's games:

1- #3 TCU @ #5 Utah.  There is no game more important for us than this one.  Doesn't matter if Oregon and Auburn and Alabama and Boise and everyone else lose this week if we do.  Gotta beat the Frogs.  Win and we're BCS-bound (and maybe the championship if things break right).  Lose and we're going to Vegas.  That's all there is to it.

2- Washington @ #1 Oregon.  Locker's out.  Oregon will roll.  Moving on.

3- Chattanooga @ #2 Auburn. Ridiculous.  Hope it ruins their SOS.  Moving on.

4- Hawaii @ #4 Boise.  Game on the island, this is close.  In Boise, in November?  It's not.  Keep an eye on it, but Nevada is probably the only team that can get anywhere near Boise the rest of the season.  Moving on.

5- #6 Alabama @ #10 LSU.  This is a lose-lose for us.  LSU jumps up if they beat Alabama, Alabama keeps moving up if they beat LSU.  Still, LSU has looked bad and they still have to play @ Arkansas at the end of the year, so let's root for LSU right now, and then Alabama can beat Auburn at the end and get us our National Title game.

6- #7 Nebraska @ IA State.  IA State is decent this year (despite what we and OU did to them) and it's at home.  Keep an eye on this one because Nebraska and Oklahoma are both threats if they win the Big 12.  The best thing would be for Nebraska to fall to 10 or 11 (or lower) and not get to the big 12 title game because they won't get picked as an at large if they're low enough. 

7- #8 Oklahoma @ Texas ATM.  It would be nice if aTm won this one, but it doesn't seem likely.  Still, they're 5-3 and it's worth keeping an eye on it.

8- #9 Wisconsin @ Purdue.  Not likely.  Moving on.

9- #12 Missouri @ TTech.  Not likely.  Moving on.

The games below Missouri really don't matter very much. 

Pitt @ UCONN.  Another one Pitt should win pretty easily and may actually get into the rankings if they win convincingly.

Notre Dame is just waiting for us.

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