So, I've been thinking that this year's TCU team looks weaker than last year's.

In order to validate that, I pulled the NCAA stats for 2010 TCU through week 9 and the stats for 2009 TCU through week 9.  Here they are.  2009 raw number first, followed by national ranking in parenthesis then 2010 raw number followed by ranking.


Rushing Offense: 233.38 (7); 270.89 (9).  This is interesting.  40 more yards per game but two rankings down.

Passing Offense: 213.63 (65); 214.78 (60).  Pretty close.

Total Offense: 447.00 (12); 485.67 (11).  Again, 40 more yards but actually up one spot.  Basically the offense in these three categories is about equal to last year.

Scoring Offense: 35.25 (11); 40.78 (9).  5 more points, only two spots up.  Still, pretty similar.

Passing Efficiency: 162.15 (4); 158.62 (13).  This one is interesting too.  I'd have thought Dalton would have improved by a few points, but he's dropped a few.  Still, basically the same.

Sacks Allowed: 1.13/gm (21); .56/gm (9).  Pretty good.



Rushing Defense: 89.38 (8); 98.33 (9).  Again, pretty close.

Passing Defense: 146.38 (6); 119.00 (1).  A little down this year, but still great.

Pass Efficiency Defense: 96.80 (9); 94.53 (4).  A little up this year, pretty much the same.

Total Defense: 235.75 (1); 217.33 (1).  Same ranking, but 20 yards better.

Scoring Defense: 11.13 (3); 8.67 (1).  Pretty close.

Sacks: 3.13/gm (9); 2.22/gm (46).  This is a big one.  No Hughes, no Washington, lose almost a sack a game.

Tackles for Loss: 5.63 (69); 6.33 (42).  The only category where TCU isn't outstanding, and it's getting into the backfield.

Turnover Margin: -.13/gm (66); +.56/gm (27).  Significant improvement.  Dalton not giving it away as much.



Net Punting: 35.00 (74); 36.81 (58).  Average both years.

Punt Returns: 15.62 (12); 13.50 (19).  Pretty good, but not quite as good as last year.

Kickoff Returns: 29.76 (4); 25.90 (10).  A little worse than last year again.


So, it appears I was very slightly right, TCU is a little tiny bit worse this year.  But it's not as big of a change, statistically, as I was thinking it was.  Luckily, Utah is a lot better than we were last year.  Let's hope it's enough.

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