Week Four's Important Games for Utah

Here are all the top-25 games this week, as well as keeping an eye on Notre Dame and Pitt. The ones that have a good chance to help us or hurt us are in bold:

1- #1 Alabama v. #10 Arkansas. Roll Tide! If Arkansas wins then we'll stay where we are because Alabama won't fall below us. If Alabama wins, especially if they win big, then we'll move up.

2- Eastern Michigan v. #2 OSU. Upset would be great. Not happening. Moving on.

3- #24 Oregon State v. #3 Boise. Losses for Boise are good. Oregon State will jump up several spots for beating the Broncos, but probably not 10 spots. Boise losing opens the door for our BCS game. If they keep winning they'll be nearly impossible to jump.

4- #4 TCU v. SMU. Need TCU to keep winning so our Nov. game is huge. If they lose we'll jump them, but it will be bad for us.

5- #5 Oregon v. ASU. Upset would be great. Not likely. Moving on.

6- S. Dak. St. v. #6 Nebraska. That's South Dakota State. Upset would be great. Not happening. Moving on.

7- UCLA v. #7 Texas. Maybe the big win over Houston has UCLA revved up and ready to beat Texas. Worth watching, but not likely.

8- #8 OU v. Cincinnati. Cincy is bad, OU is overrated. This would be a good spot for an upset, but again, it's not likely.

9- UK v. #9 Florida. I'm not sure Florida is as good as #9, but UK is pretty bad too. If this were in Lexington I'd feel differently, but UK isn't beating UF in the swamp.

10- Austin Peay v. #11 Wiscy. Upset would be great. Not happening. Moving on.

11- #12 South Carolina v. #17 Auburn. Not sure what we want to happen here. I guess an Auburn win is best, but they'll probably jump us if they win. S. Carolina has Alabama and Arkansas in the next few weeks, while Auburn has Arkansas and LSU. I guess if SC wins then they can lose to Alabama in a few weeks and we'll get both of them out of the way, but even if Auburn wins, they probably lose to ARK or LSU.

12- SJSU v. #13 Utah. Winning by 6 TD would be good. Moving on.

13- Cal v. #14 Arizona. Cal win would be good, and is certainly possible. Keep an eye on it.

14- #22 WVU v. #15 LSU. LSU might pass us by beating a very average (but ranked) WVU team, so WVU winning would be good.

15- #16 Stanford v. Notre Dame. Notre dame winning is good on two fronts. One, strengthens the schedule, two, eliminates possible ranking competition. Go Domers.

16- Ball State v. #18 Iowa. Doesn't matter, Iowa's not passing us for beating Ball State.

17- #19 Miami v. Pitt. Pitt win is good for SOS and Miami is nearby and looking to close the gap in a very weak ACC. Go Panthers.

18- #20 USV v. WSU.  Doesn't matter, WSU sucks.


That's the whole top 20 (21-25 aren't really important unless they're playing a team above them, like WVU and OSU).  Lots of chances for things to go our way, and of course some concerns as well.  All in all, should be a good week.  I'm thinking #11 on Monday.

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