Top 8 Reasons USU Will Beat BYU

As a Utah and Utah State alum, I am a fan of both teams and conferences, have a bit of a split personality, and hate one team the Aggies face Friday.  BYU is not all of that and a bag of chips, never has been, never will be, and losing to Utah State will grease their slide into Independent bliss on BYU TV.   Gary Andersen has done a great job turning USU around despite their 1-3 record.  They started strong against Oklahoma in a game they could have easily won to open the season and got crushed by San Diego State (no gimmee for the Utes) last week. 

So, here are the Top 8 Reasons USU will beat BYU:

8.  USU is a better team even though they are a 5-point underdog.  Aggies always perform better on the bottom.

7. USU hates BYU and BYU doesn't like to visit Logan.  Hell, their President doesn't even like to call USU's president to tell him he changed his mind.  He'd rather play with himself.  Imagine that. 

6. BYU is still mad because nobody likes them and they can't get exposed to people who might like them so they will commit a lot of unnecessary penalties. 

5. USU Administrators are finally coming off of their medication and feeling better after trusting BYU, turning down the MWC, still trusting BYU, and finally realizing they may have destroyed the athletic program.

4.  USU really hates BYU now.

3.  It always rains on conference weekend and USU plays better on a sloppy field.

2. Utah hates BYU and  has a bye so most of the state will be rooting against BYU. 

1. The fans...they will be lit for this Friday night party...

Enjoy the show Ute Nation!!!


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