Utah-Cal game notes! Your favorite part of the week!

Its tuesday, tuesday, celebrating on tuesday!

Here is the link to this week's game notes from the Utah athletic department. 

As always, here are my incoherent ramblings about said notes:

-To the surprise of exactly no one, Jake Murphy has beaten out Kendrick Moeai for the starting spot at tight end.  Starting in 2009, we have heard that the tight end is going to be used more in the offense and each year its about the same; tight ends catching very short passes on checkdowns.  I love stat lines like Moeai currently has on the year: 7 receptions for 32 yards.....WOO HOO!!!! He is killing it!  In all seriousness, I think that outside of Dallin Rogers, Murphy is the best choice.  I liked against BYU when both Rogers and Murphy were in.  But, we will have to wait until next year to see that again.

-Miles Mason has moved below John Cullen when it comes to being the lowest rated offensive lineman.  He may not be winnig as many battles as Cullen, but I think the majority of fans would agree that he has been far less stupid then John.  And we would be in a world of hurt without him (Mason that is).

-The safety position is still not settled completely.  McGil is out for the year, Chappuis is still in the mix.  Blechen has been spotted playing back there. 

-I know, I know, I haven't won any games as a coach of a college team.  But seriously, why on planet earth did Quinton Pedroza enter the game on saturday?  Why?  The kid is clearly talented, although extrememly raw.  But its game number 6 for crying out loud!  And he didn't even contribute!  I think that this coaching staff is SEVERELY lacking when it comes to knowing how to use redshirt years.  Both Pedroza and Langi are wasting an entire year of eligibility this year.  Wasting.  Completely and totally.  VERY VERY VERY poor decision.

-Whats this I see?  Oh my!  A Lucky Radley sighting!  As Weezer would say......."duhn duhn....duhn duhn.......say it aint sooooo-ooo-woah-woah!"

And as always, attached is your favorite weekly poll.....

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