Is it official?  Yes!

The Utes are not very good this year.

Last week’s win against Pitt wasn’t much of an indicator since we couldn’t ever score a touchdown (oh dah maybe it was an indicator) and our defense really didn’t have to work too hard to contain a very poor offense. Until today I’ve been able to defend this team noting that if it weren’t for the massive number of turnovers we definitely had a chance to win against a few really good teams. But the evidence has mounted and I think it’s time that we stop wondering what type of team we have this year and admit that we have a subpar team. It’s not the PAC-12 competition it’s simply our team and our effort of play.

Let start off by asking who the heck is going to step up and be the leader of this team now that Wynn is out? We know the coaching isn’t the problem here, it is the players. We know we’re somewhat out manned when we step out on the field, but that has never been a problem for Utah. Someone has got to step up as a leader, talk the talk and walk the walk make the plays and get this team turned around and believing in themselves.

The offensive line isn’t consistent on run blocking, terrible at pass protecting, and the numbers 74 & 77 have more penalty yards against than Hays has yards. This is why White runs hot and cold and partially why we can’t generate any offense.

Hays isn’t learning from his mistakes. He holds the ball way too long given the O-line can’t protect, and continues to make bad decisions in his passing game. If you can’t pass you can’t run. How can Chow come up with plays given this situation?

Receivers are too small (short), a tad too slow, and besides Devonte don’t seem tough enough to go out and make a big play and beat the defender at getting the ball or down field block.

The defense has been our team’s highlight, but we have problems there as well that need to be addressed with some more high level recruiting.

Special teams have cost the team points on several occasions which just adds insult to injury.

As fans we were hopeful this year, but whatever chance we had it’s certainly gone now. The remaining teams to be played are every bit as good as Cal, so at best we win half of the remaining games (but I’ll just say that I doubt we will).

In short we are probably looking at one of the worst Utah teams in many years and unless we get some magical freshman, or a huge increase in play from returning players we should be ready for a similar season next year.

As a true fan I'll be there for the rest of the year, hoping to have to eat my words today. For sure I'll be renewing my season tickets for next year to see how the team progresses and I'm looking forward to the day when the Utes remind everyone why they got to the PAC-12.

Go Utes!

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