Games Notes: 11/15/2011 edition


My thoughts as I went through it:

-I had to laugh when I saw that we lost a redshirt for the year due to surgery.  Poor Tyler Shreve.  Sure would have been nice knowing what caused the injury.  Was it in practice?  Did he slip on the snow during last week's storm?  Was he studying so much that he wore his thumb out? Did he punch another coach? Ok, I shouldn't have gone there.........AT any rate, I wish him a speedy recovery.  I have some hopes for Shreve.  I think he was overwhelmed this year, but given time, I think he can be a contributor.

-I can't decide which is more strange: the fact that we are 3-2 at home, on the road, on grass, on artifical turf, during the day, and at night or the fact that some looked it up.  I guess if you think about it, we play our games on turf, so all of our road games must be on grass.  Still someone had to compile that.....must be a slow day up on the hill.....

-Haven't heard Tauni Vakapuna's name in a while.  Great kid, hard worker, but it just wasn't right for him to be getting carries at the expense of Langi.

-As much as we give John Cullen grief, he has improved his grade over the course of this season.  And he has cut down on the bone-headed penalties.  Hopefully, he finishes strong.  Do you think anyone will take a serious look at him during the NFL Pro-day?

-Speaking of that.....which Ute seniors do you think have a shot at being drafted or getting picked up?  I think Conroy has a chance to be a late draft pick, if he runs well at Pro-day.  Obviously Bergstrom.  I think Derrick Shelby could be a fifth or sixth round pick.  Beyond that, I don't know.  I tell you what though, I think Greg Bird could be a special teams beast in the NFL.  It's too bad that NFL rosters are too small to carry special teams only players.

-I don't think we will have anyone leave early this year.  I hope that Star learned from the debacle that was the Sealver Siliga situation.  

-Tevita Finau is now listed as a co-starter at left end and defensive tackle.  Good for him.  Always nice to see guys be rewarded for working hard.

-As a side note, I did a little feature on the hybrid player at Utah.  I wonder if it is here to stay, or something that is just for a few years?



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