Ute Weekly recap-the "we can't seem to catch a break/are we really catching this many breaks?" edition

Here is your Monday morning recap of all the goings on in the world of University of Utah sports............

Women's Basketball:

The Lady Utes' return from their road trip with a couple of heartbreakers.  They lost a tough one to Michigan 55-50 and then lost last night to Arkansas 57-56.  They clearly outplayed the razorbacks, only to catch a few tough breaks and lose at the end.  It was good experience and will help the team later in the season.  The Razorbacks were able to get a lot of offensive rebounds and that really hurt the Utes' chances.  

This week, the team heads down to San Antonio to participate in the oh-so-prestigious University of Texas-San Antonio Thanksgiving Classic.  They will take on Detroit on Friday and South Alabama on Saturday.  Should be as easy as Thanksgiving leftovers for the team.  Look for them to return home with two BIG blowouts.



The Utes welcomed the 10th ranked Washington Huskies and the Washington State Cougars to Crimson Court this past weekend.  Though they were swept by the Huskies, each set was very competitive.  This young Ute squad is growing and is setting itself up for success next year.  They also were able to dispatch the Cougars 3-1.  On the year, they are 10-18.  They look to finish their season strong by playing Colorado.  The match will be held at 7 on Wednesday up at Crimson Court.  If you are bored on Thanksgiving eve, give that a try.  The Utes swept the Buffs in Boulder earlier this year, so it should be a winnable match.

It doesn't look like there is a conference tournament, so this will be it, but this season provided some great experience for a young team that will look to make some noise next year.


Men's Basketball:

We have said it over and over again that this is going to be a long season.  I have said from the beginning that all I want to see from our Runnin' Utes this year is improvement.  And believe it or not, I actually saw improvement against Montana State.  Not as much as I would have liked to see, but still, it is there.  

Clearly, we planned our defensive scheme and roster around big daddy Dave Foster.  When he went down, it REALLY caused problems.  Against Montana State, I thought we battled hard and I thought that we looked better as far as chemistry goes.

And our outside shooting has improved in the last two games.  

The turnovers need to come down.  We need to rebound better.  And we need a complimentary scorer to Jiggy.  I would have loved to see what Coach K would have been able to do with Will Clyburn and JJ Obrien this year.....but alas.........

The team heads out to the bahamas this week to play in the Paradise Islands Battle 4 Atlantis tournament.  Last year, it was some baffling losses over the Thanksgiving weekend that convinced me that Jim Boylen was a sitting duck.  

Harvard is first up.....



Jazzy's coverage of football has, as usual, been the best around.  So I won't add anything here.  All I want to do is pose a question.  Do you think we are in danger of Kyle Whittingham leaving after this year?  We had a spirited debate last week about where this season ranks on his resume, but no matter where you stand, you have to admit he has done a great job of rallying the team.  Surely some big schools are taking notice and he will get some contact this offseason.....I am not too worried about it, but you never know.


Link time! 

Scott Pierce from the Tribune discusses KJZZ's role in broadcasting the games this year.  I, for one, am glad that KJZZ has broadcast these games this year.  Next year, I think every Ute fan will have more access to the team, regardless of where they are.  The fans are right though, Steve Brown is hard to listen to.  Mike Norseth does a decent job in my opinion.  David Locke is a complete joke, but what else is new?  Lately, I have turned down the volume and turned on the radio.  The radio is four or five seconds delayed from TV, but I don't mind.  It's better to me than the KJZZ guys.

Jake Hibbard from the Daily Utah Chronicle talks about how Colorado might replace the TDS as our rival.  It is an interesting argument he makes.  Jake is probably the best sports editor that the chrony has seen in the 8 years I have been reading it.  



Finally, I want to thank everyone for their feedback last week. I'll try my best to keep these updates coming weekly and I'll always try to make them fun to read and worth your time. 



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