Game Notes:  11-22-2011


In a change of pace, I don't have a whole lot to say this week.  But here are my thoughts as I went through this week's press release.....

-Nice to see that the only injury concern we have this week is backup linebacker Jacoby Hale.  I guess, in a way, Utah has been lucky this year with injuries.  Injuries are inevitable, but at least in our case we have been able to quickly find out that the player is out for the year, and so the next guy in line just gets ready and goes.  There has been little drama of "will he play or sit?" this year.

-I did a little tribute to the departing seniors.  As with each senior class, these guys have done well and helped build the program.  They can move on to other things knowing that they have given their all and have helped make Utah a better program.  They will be missed.  I especially want to give a shoutout to Tony Bergstrom, Greg Bird, Nai Fotu, Matt Martinez, Mychal Robinson, Derrick Shelby, Chaz Walker, and JJ Williams.  Those guys started at Utah, and they will finish at Utah.  

-One thing I noticed yesterday is that Lei Talamaivo is absent from the actual roster and is not listed as one of the seniors to be honored.  I wonder what happened.  I will do some digging on that and let you know, unless anyone knows?  If he is no longer on the team, I find that to be sad.  Lei worked hard to come back this year.  

-The claim is that "Rumble in the Rockies" was chosen based on fan support.  When?  I don't remember seeing anything.  At any rate, its not my favorite, but its not terrible.  

-Congrats to the guys who made all-conference academics.  That is a great accomplishment.  

-I haven't commented on it all year, but the section about coming from an athletic family where it highlights all the guys who have famous siblings/parents makes me laugh.  I just have a hard time believing that these kids came from the children of Math Majors....(not knocking math majors..I am one myself).  Don't they all have athletic parents?  

I want to wish everyone at BlockU a happy Thanksgiving.  I appreciate all the comments and feedback as I have done this series throughout the year.  I hope it was at least semi-interesting on occasion.  Thanks to Jazzy and all of you guys, this really is the best sports blog on the internet in my opinion.  

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