Next Year's Team

So, here are my projected starters for next year's team at every position, plus their stats for the year (minus the bowl game, obviously), and with some committed recruits plugged in. Thoughts?

QB: 1- Jordan Wynn, JR/SR, 3 years starting experience. Wynn is 356/594 (60%) for 4390 yards with 31 TDs and 16 picks through 20 games, so his averages are 18/30 for 220 with 1.6 TDs and .8 picks.
2- Jon Hays, SR, 1 year starting experience. Hays is 105/183 (57%) for 1266 with 9 TDs and 7 picks through 10 games, so his averages are 10/18 for 127 yards with .9 TDs and .7 picks.
3- Travis Wilson / Tyler Shreve, FR, no experience at all.

RB: 1- John White IV, SR, 1 year starting experience, 290 rushes for 1404 net yards and 14 TDs this year. All PAC-12 second team.
2- Harvey Langi, SO, 1 year limited experience (not sure if he’s planning a mission). 13 rushes for 70 net yards this year.
3- Thretton Palamo, JR, 1 year limited experience.
4- Jarell Oliver, FR, no experience at all.
5- Lucky Radley, SO, played in the Pitt game, no carries.
6- We're also looking at a 4* JUCO player currently committed to another PAC 12 program. We'll take him if we can get him. If you want the details, join UteZone.

WR: 1- DeVonte Christopher, SR, 3 years starting experience, 70/1287/10 TDs.
2- Reggie Dunn, SR, 1 year starting experience, 19/281/1 TD through 25 games.
3- Dres Anderson, SO, 1 year starting/backup experience, 23/355/3 TDs through 12 games.
4- Kenneth Scott, S), 1 year backup experience, 8/141 through 9 games.
5- Josh Gordon, JR, 2 years experience in Baylor, where he caught 700 yards and 7 TDs. Put him last because we haven’t seen him, expect him to challenge for #1 or #2 spots.
Also watch for guys like Quinton Pedroza (SO), and Luke Matthews (SR, 43/629/5 TDs but keeps getting moved around). We have an incoming kid (Delshawn McClennon) but he'll probably redshirt with 3 SRs and 2 JRs at the top of the depth chart getting all the catches.

TE: 1- Dallin Rogers is probably the #1 TE. Both he and Moeai are SRs, but Rogers seems to get used more. Rogers has 33/327/4 through 18 games.
2- Kendrick Moeai, SR, 3 years of experience (1 starting), 28/378/3 through 35 games.
3- Jacob Murphy, SO, 1 year of some experience, 5/64/1 this year through 10 games.
4- Rumor is that Anthony Denham is moved to TE. He didn't play in any games this year, will be a JR next year. 6'4"/231 lbs is his roster listing.
5- Westlee Tonga, JR, 2 years of some experience, 1 catch for 12 yards in two years, not sure he'll ever make an impact.

OL: I am horrible at OL and I don't know how to do the stats. I know we have the following players, but I don’t know where anyone will end up:
SR: Sam Brenner, Miles Mason, Po'u Paleilei, Joape Pela, Tevita Stevens. Stevens ©, Brenner (RG) and Miles (LG) are currently starting. Pela is the listed backup at RG.
JR: Latu Heimuli, Vyncent Jones, Kapua Sai, Percy Taumoelau (Bot), Jeremiah Tofaeono, Marc Pouvave (JUCO). Sai (LT), Jones (C), Bot (RT), and Toefaeono (RG) are currently on the depth chart.
SO: I don’t think we have any Soph OL, unless I’m missing someone.
FR: Isaac Asiata, Siaosi Aiono, Daniel Nielson, Sam Tui'one. All currently redshirting. Isaac apparently mission-bound.
Incoming FR: Lio Lafale (CA), Zach Lindsay (UT), Nua Poteki (UT), Kiha Sai (HI). Kiha is our current Sai's little (not literally) brother. We are also in the mix for two 4* OL and looking like we'll have a good chance of landing both of them plus potentially one or two more and another JUCO OT.

DEFENSE (stats are solo tackles/assisted tackles/whatever I feel like):
DL: DL is also tricky, so I’ll put them in year order like with the OL. Lose Derrick Shelby (starter), Tevita Finau (backup), James Aiono (backup), maybe Star (starter).
SR: David Rolf (2 tackles in 11 games), Dave Kruger (26/60/2 sacks/1 FF through 38 games), Ron Tonganovai, Star Lotulelei (20/39/2 sacks/1FF through 25 games). Kruger and Star are the starting DTs. Would be nice if Talimaivao gets another year, but it's not clear if he's still on the team and if he can get another year.
JR: Might get Heimuli back on Defense, plus Joe Kruger (20/19/1 FF through 19 games), L.T. Tuipulotu (2/4 through 10 games), Sione Tupuoutu (JUCO from Snow). Kruger is starting DE.
SO: Nate Fakahafua. Fakahafua (3/1) is backing up Kruger.
FR: Seni Fauonuku, Jason Whittingham. Redshirting.
Incoming FR: Moses Foaulohola (UT) and Hunter Dimick (UT)

LB: 1- Trevor Reilly, JR, starting this year as a LB/DE hybrid. 40/21/4 FF through 23 games
2- Brian Blechen should be back at LB, JR, 78/61/ 7 picks / 5 FF / 1 sack through 25 games.
3- Jacoby Hale, SO, backing up OLB behind Martinez, has 7 solo tackles.
4- V.J. Fehoko, SO, backing up Walker, 1/3 through 8 games.
5- Boo Anderson, SR, currently injured. 22/34 in 33 games (you guys convinced me to this level at least)
6- David Fagerin, JR, backing up Reilly, 3/8/1 FF through 25 games
Behind those five are Jared Norris (FR), Victor Spikes (JR, 3/4 in 14 games), Griff Robles (JR, no defensive stats in 7 games). We also have a committed LB Jake Jackson from CA.

CB: 1/2- Ryan Lacy and Martavious Lee will be #1 and #2, both will be Seniors, both are starting this year on occasion, Lacy has 43/13/11 breakups/3 picks through 25 games , Lee has 15/11/5 breakups/3 picks through 12 games.
3- Chandler Johnson, SO, backing up Black, has 6/4 through 12 games.
4- Reggie Topps, SR, backing up Lacy at Nickle, has 25/23/4 breakups /1 pick through 37 games.
Behind those four are Lewis Walker (SR, no games at Utah), Joseph Bryant (FR), Joseph Smith (FR), Wykie Freeman (SO, 2 solo tackles in 7 games in 2010), and incoming recruits Justin Thomas (a rivals top 250 corner from TX) and Austin Lee, plus some other possible recruits still on the radar.

Safety: 1- Keith McGill, JR/SR (depending on med RS), 6/6/1 PBU in 5 games.
2- Eric Rowe, SO, 33/33/1 pick/9 PBU in 12 games
3- Michael Walker, JR, 9/10 in 22 games.
4- Quade Chappuis, JR, 12/19/1 pick in 23 games
Behind those 4 are Mike Honeycutt (JR, 5/9 in 24 games), Tyrone Morris-Edwards (SO, no stats in 4 games), Terrell Reese (SO, 3 asst tackles in 7 games). Topps may end up back over here as well for depth.

So that's how next year looks to me. Thoughts?

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