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Ok so this will be somewhat off topic since it does not deal with the Utes but this is a big deal when it comes to college football. Now we all know its an absolute joke that Alabama gets to play in the title game. Well between boredom and some level of insomnia I needed something to do to help drain the exhaustion to a point where I can sleep so I decided to compile some stats regarding what Alabama has accomplished this year. I knew it was bad but I didn't realize it was this bad til I put this together. This is my first attempt at something like this so feedback or whatever would be appreciated, just please be constructive with it and don't be too harsh. So here we go, stats coming after the jump. or at least i'm trying to put them after the jump.

I decided to compile some stats regarding Alabama and their schedule. If this comes out sloppy or half assed I apologize, as I said, I'm doing this on very little sleep. Stats obtained from espn team pages.

PY- Passing Yards RY- Rushing Yards PF- Points For PA- Points Against

Kent State W (5-7 MAC) (Victories over South Alabama (6-4 FCS), Bowling Green (5-7 MAC), CMU (3-9 MAC), Akron (1-11 MAC), EMU (6-6 MAC))
PY 110th - RY 108th - 114th - PF 114th - PA 49th

Penn State W (9-3 Big 10) (Victories over Indiana State (6-5 FCS), Temple (8-4 MAC), EMU (6-6 MAC), Indiana (1-11 Big 10), Iowa (7-5 Big 10), Purdue (6-6 Big 10), NW (6-6 Big 10), Illinois (6-6 Big 10), OSU (6-6 Big 10))
PY 96th - RY 54th - PF 110th - PA 5th

North Texas W (5-7 Sun Belt) (Victories over Indiana (1-11 Big 10), FAU (1-11 Sun Belt), ULM (4-8 Sun Belt), Troy (3-9 Sun Belt), Middle Tennessee (2-10 Sun Belt))
PY 88th - RY 66th - PF 77th - PA 87th

Arkansas W (10-2 SEC) (Victories over Missouri State (2-9 FCS), UNM (1-11 MWC), Troy (3-9 Sun Belt), Texas A&M (6-6 Big 12), Auburn (7-5 SEC), Ole Miss (2-10 SEC), Vanderbilt (6-6 SEC), South Carolina (10-2 SEC), Tennessee (5-7 SEC), Mississippi State (6-6 SEC))
PY 13th - RY 81st - PF 15th - PA 37th

Florida W (6-6 SEC) (Victories against FAU (1-11 Sun Belt), UAB (3-9 C-USA), Tennessee (5-7 SEC), Kentucky (5-7 SEC), Vanderbilt (6-6 SEC), Furman (6-5 FCS))
PY 87th - RY 75th - PF 72nd - PA 25th

Vanderbilt W (6-6 SEC) (Victories against Elon (5-6 FCS), UConn (5-7 Big East), Ole Miss (2-10 SEC), Army (3-9 Indy), Kentucky (5-7 SEC), Wake Forest (6-6 ACC))
PY 98th - RY 47th - PF 61st - PA 27th

Ole Miss W (2-10 SEC) (Victories against Southern Illinois (4-7 FCS), Fresno State (4-9 WAC))
PY 107th - RY 84th - PF 116th - PA 95th

Tennessee W (5-7 SEC) (Victories against Montana (11-2 (so far) FCS), Cincinnati (9-3 Big East), Buffalo (3-9 MAC), Middle Tennessee (2-10 Sun Belt), Vanderbilt (6-6 SEC))
PY 48th - RY 116th - PF 106th - PA 35th

LSU L (13-0 SEC) (Victories against Oregon (11-2 Pac-12), Northwestern State (5-6 FCS), Mississippi State (6-6 SEC), WVU (9-3 Big East), Kentucky (5-7 SEC), Florida (6-6 SEC), Tennessee (5-7 SEC), Auburn (7-5 SEC), Alabama 11-1 (SEC), WKU (7-5 Sun Belt), Ole Miss (2-10 SEC), Arkansas (10-2 SEC), Georgia (10-3 SEC))
PY 105th - RY 17th - PF 12th - PA 2nd

Mississippi State W (6-6 SEC) (Victories against Memphis (2-10 C-USA), Louisiana Tech (8-4 WAC), UAB (3-9 C-USA), Kentucky (5-7 SEC), Tennessee-Martin (7-5 FCS), Ole Miss(2-10 SEC))
PY 92nd - RY 45th - PF 73rd - PA 19th

Georgia Southern W (11-2 (so far) FCS) (Victories against Samford (6-5 FCS), Tusculum (3-8 D2), WCU (1-10 FCS), Elon (5-6 FCS), Chattanooga (5-6 FCS), Furman (6-5), Presbyterian (4-7 FCS), Citadel (4-7 FCS), Wofford (8-4), Old Dominion (10-3 FCS), Maine (9-4 FCS))
PY - RY- PF - PA Stats lines not available through espn and are also irrelevant

Auburn W (7-5 SEC) (Victories against Utah State (7-5 WAC), Mississippi State (6-6 SEC), FAU (1-11 Sun Belt), South Carolina (10-2 SEC), Florida (6-6 SEC), Ole Miss (2-10 SEC), Samford (6-5 FCS))
PY 106th - RY 38th - PF 82nd - PA 80th

And for reference here are Alabama's Stats PY 72nd - RY 15th - PF 16th - PA 1st

So the FBS level opponents they beat finished with a record of 55-53 and their FCS opponent's record is completely misleading since they faced an absolutely terrible schedule until they hit the playoffs. If you went through and look at the victories of the teams Bama faced you're looking at a record of 165-252 looking at the FBS opponents they faced, If you add in the FCS opponents that turns out to be 262-344. Just look at the startling number of FCS teams throughout this list as well as the vast number of even record or losing record FBS level teams. If you replace those teams with reasonable competition instead of cupcakes that they paid for a win I bet you wouldn't have anywhere near as many teams in the SEC going to bowl games. Its an absolute travesty and a total joke that this team gets to play for a National Title.

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