Another stat breakdown for those who are interested

This time its for Oklahoma State

I told someone on espn that I would do this to prove that Oklahoma State is more deserving than Bama.

Stats obtained from espn team pages.

PY- Passing Yards RY- Rushing Yards PF- Points For PA- Points Against

UL-L W (8-4 Sun Belt) (Victories over Kent State (5-7 MAC), Nicholls State (1-10 FCS), FIU (8-4 Sun Belt), FAU (1-11 Sun Belt), Troy (3-9 Sun Belt), North Texas (5-7 Sun Belt), Middle Tennessee (2-10 Sun Belt), ULM (4-8 Sun Belt))
PY 40th - RY 86th - PF 32nd - PA 83rd

Arizona W (4-8 Pac-12) (Victories against NAU (4-7 FCS), UCLA (6-7 Pac-12), ASU (6-6 Pac-12), UL-L (8-4 Sun Belt))
PY 3rd - RY 113th - PF 40th - PA 108th

Tulsa W (8-4 C-USA) (Victories against Tulane (2-11 C-USA), North Texas (5-7 Sun Belt), UAB (3-9 C-USA), Rice (4-8 C-USA), SMU (7-5 C-USA), UCF (5-7 C-USA), Marshall (6-6 C-USA), UTEP (5-7 C-USA))
PY 41st - RY 24th - PF 24th - PA 69th

Texas A&M W (6-6 Big 12) (Victories against SMU (7-5 C-USA), Idaho (2-10 WAC), Texas Tech (5-7 Big 12), Baylor (9-3 Big 12), ISU (6-6 Big 12), Kansas (2-10 Big 12))
PY 18th - RY 21st - PF 11th - PA 76th

Kansas W (2-10 Big 12) (Victories against McNeese St (6-5 FCS), NIU (10-3 MAC))
PY 101st - RY 60th - PF 95th - PA 120th

Texas W (7-5) (Victories against Rice (4-8 C-USA), BYU (9-3 Indy), UCLA (6-7 Pac-12), ISU (6-6 Big 112), Kansas (2-10 Big 12), Texas Tech (5-7 Big 12), Texas A&M (6-6 Big 12)
PY 85th - RY 19th - PF 53rd - PA 42nd

Missouri W (7-5 Big 12) (Victories against Miami (OH) (4-8 MAC), Western Illinois (2-9 FCS), ISU (6-6 Big 12), Texas A&M (6-6 Big 12), Texas (7-5 Big 12), Texas Tech (5-7 Big 12), Kansas (2-10))
PY 57th - RY 11th - PF 33rd - PA 44th

Baylor W (9-3 Big 12) (Victories against TCU (10-2 MWC), Stephen F. Austin (6-5 FCS), Rice (4-8 C-USA), ISU (6-6 Big 12), Missouri (7-5 Big 12), Kansas (2-10 Big 12), Oklahoma (9-3 Big 12), Texas Tech (5-7 Big 12), Texas (7-5 Big 12))
PY 5th - RY 18th - PF 6th - PA 109th

Kansas State W (10-2) (Victories against Eastern Kentucky (7-5 FCS), Kent State (5-7 MAC), Miami (FL) (6-6 ACC), Baylor (9-3), Missouri (7-5 Big 12), Texas Tech (5-7), Kansas (2-10 Big 12), Texas A&M (6-6 Big 12), Texas (7-5 Big 12), ISU (6-6 Big 12))
PY 109th - RY 29th - PF 30th - PA 71st

Texas Tech W (5-7 Big 12) (Victories against Texas State (6-6 FCS), UNM (1-11 MWC), Nevada (7-5 WAC), Kansas (2-10 Big 12), Oklahoma (9-3 Big 12))
PY 6th - RY 89th - PF 26th - PA 117th

Iowa State L (6-6 Big 12) (Victories against Northern Iowa (10-3 FCS), Iowa (7-5 Big 10), UConn (5-7 Big East), Texas Tech (5-7 Big 12), Kansas (2-10 Big 12), Oklahoma State (11-1 Big 12)
PY 75th - RY 35th - PF 86th - PA 82nd

Oklahoma W (9-3 Big 12) (Victories against Tulsa (8-4 C-USA), FSU (8-4 ACC), Missouri (7-5), Ball State (6-6 MAC), Texas (7-5 Big 12), Kansas (2-10 Big 12), Kansas State (10-2 Big 12), Texas A&M (6-6 Big 12), ISU (6-6))
PY 4th - RY 49th - PF 10th - PA 37th

Oklahoma State Stats
PY 2nd - RY 43rd - PF 2nd - PA 61st

So the final record of the FBS (note that they didn't face a single FCS team) teams they beat comes out to be 75-57. If you went through and look at the victories of the teams Oklahoma State faced you're looking at a record of 233-237 looking at the FBS opponents they faced, If you add in the FCS opponents that turns out to be 275-287.

Also worth note is that if you look through all the victories you will only find 8 FCS teams vs 11 throughout bama's victories and opponents' victories (and that's not including all the teams that bama's fcs opponent, georgia southern, faced throughout the year (including those would bring the total up to 22).

Another item of note is Bama only beat 2 FBS teams that have 8+ wins (1 9 win team (Penn State) 1 10 win team (Arkansas)) while Oklahoma State beat 5 teams that have 8+ wins (2 9 win teams (Baylor and Oklahoma) 1 10 win team (Kansas State). Alabama faced 7 teams that finished .500 (4 finished sub .500) or less while Oklahoma State faced 5 that finished .500 (3 finished sub .500).

This makes it pretty damn clear that Oklahoma State played the far tougher schedule no matter what someone wants to believe about the SEC being a tougher conference. So what if Bama has the better loss, Oklahoma State has the better wins by far.

And finally Bama beat 3 teams that finished ranked (#6 Arkansas, #22 Penn State, #25 Auburn (which is joke, Auburn shouldn't be ranked with a 7-5 record)) while Oklahoma State beat 4 teams that finished ranked (#8 Kansas State, #12 Baylor, #14 Oklahoma, #24 Texas (which is a joke just like Auburn)).

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