Best of the Rest: The "Highest of highs, and lowest of lows" edition

Hey Ute fans!

Here is your weekly “Best of the Rest” article….

Men’s Hoops:

The Men’s team continued to struggle this past week, posting a disappointing 82-52 loss to the Fresno State Bulldogs. The team actually competed well in the first half, but at the end of the first and beginning of the second, the team fell asleep and Fresno buried them.

This week, the team returns home to play Cal State Fullerton. The Titans haven’t really beaten anyone of consequence and in theory, this is a winnable game. Let’s hope the team finds a way to win this one, because coming up on Saturday is a visit from the Zoobs, who will probably wax us by 50 in the HC.

Some things about this game that cause me to believe we can win…..

-Turnovers. They turn the ball over 20 times per game as a team. Yikes. That’s worse than us!

-Size. They have a similar shortage of big men. They have two 6’9” guys, and then a few 6’6” guys. Sounds like we will be about even.

There are some things that make me nervous…………

-Scoring. They boast four double digit scorers. They have a lot of capable players and we will have to defend like crazy. You can’t just key on one guy, its gotta be a team effort. Man, I miss BD Dave Foster.

-Rebounding. Despite their size, they rebound like crazy. As a team, they are bringing down more than 40 boards per game. The runnin Utes average 32 boards. We gotta prevent them from getting second chance opportunities.

Another odd note is that they also have a player named “Cedric Martin” although their version spells his name with an S instead of a C. You now have a useless trivia fact to bother people with.

I am giving Larry K a 100% pass this year. I wish more people would actually go to the games and get behind him as opposed to complaining about him. Yeah, this team blows, but we have what we have, may as well make the best of it. I really liked Comrade Crimson’s proposal to get more people excited for the games…… you can read his article here.

Women’s Hoops:

The Lady Utes had their best game of the season last week, as they took down Weber State 81-63. Contributions came in from across the board. Balanced scoring and clutch defense got the team the victory. The team has balance and depth.

This is a big week as they welcome Idaho State to the Huntsman Center tomorrow night and then head down to Zubilee Zoo for a match with the Cougars on Saturday.

This team is a lot of fun to watch. As they start to hit their stride, look for this team to get a lot of big wins

Here is a video (sorry, its from the TrueZoob show) that shows the ending of the last Utah-BYU game. I was watching it live and that was AWESOME. BYU will be favored, but we can beat them.


There is nothing more reliable than the Red Rocks. Quite possibly, this team is the greatest sports dynasty in the State.

The preseason rankings were released and the Red Rocks are ranked #5 in the country, which is 2nd in the Pac-12 behind UCLA.

This Friday night at the Huntsman, they are putting on the annual “Red Rocks Preview”. Should be a fun atmosphere. The first meet is January 8 against the UCLA Bruins.

This year’s team will be led by a great senior class of Cortni Beers, Stephanie McAllister, and Kyndal Roberts. There is also a lot of young talent coming up and it should be another fun year.

Odds and Ends:

-I noticed that Bill Riley was tweeting last night about Georgia Tech. I wish he would tweet more about Ute opponents. I doubt anyone follows @gregwrubell, but he is constantly tweeting interesting tidbits about BYU and their opponents. Bill could really boost his own stock in my mind if he would tweet more interesting stuff like that.

-I received a reply from Chris Hill (maybe not him, but someone at his email address) in regards to the Crazy Lady. It was fairly generic. It just told me that my input would be taken into consideration and that they are reviewing everything. The only thing that stood out to me was that it emphasized that this is not being considered to make way for another sponsorship. Guess we will see......

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