Utah Vs. USC Could Be Moved To Sunday

With the NFL labor situation still unsure there have been talks of moving big time college football games to field the void if the NFL starts missing games, and there is speculation that the Pac-12 could be the first to make the move. Commissioner Larry Scott is a forward thinking man and wants to increase the Pac-12 brand, and in speaking to he did mention it is something they are thinking about:

"We certainly are monitoring the situation," Scott said. "We have no plans in place at this time, but you want to be prepared and consider all options. Still, these labor situations have a way of getting done the closer they get to a critical situation."

A move would not be made until it was sure the NFL was not going to have games, because if a game was moved to Sunday and the NFL reached an agreement then that game would be buried.

Patrick Rishe who is an associate professor of economics at Webster University in St. Louis and the founder of mentioned Utah at USC would be a logical game to move to a Sunday:

"It could be a great opportunity for the newly formed Pac-12 conference to bang its drum and gain some added exposure for its new brand identity and for a new conference member," he said. "But even then, you've got some issues to deal with."

The issues would to be considered would be if the television station the game was to air on could move the game to a Sunday night, because the move would be a last minute decision plus travel could be an issues for the schools.

The Pac-12 would be smart to make the move because their games have always been buried late at night on Fox Sports and this would be an early opportunity to showcase the league with a well-known commodity in the USC Trojans going up against the new kid in the Utah Utes.

One issue that was not broached is the religion factor with some of the Utes, because would those who were members of the LDS faith who take Sunday as a day of rest not play in this game that is on Sunday. This is not BYU where that is not allowed at al, but a good amount of Utes are of the faith and it is a legitimate question to ponder.

I think all would suit up to play and would not think about sitting out the game, but I could be wrong. This would be a one-time deal if it happened and all of the country's eyes would be on this game to see if the Utes can play with USC, and I for one would like to see it happen.

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