What Larry K has to do.........

There is a lot that Larry K has to do to get the program back on the right track.  Here are a few things to watch for:

1.  Pipeline

Boylen had success early in his career at the U. because of talent already there.  Basically, Neville, Green, Borha etc. had been playing since they were freshman and by the time they were juniors and seniors, they knew what they were doing. 

After they graduated in 2009, there really was almost nothing in the cupboard.  Carlon Brown was a nice role player but clearly couldn't handle being "the guy".  Luka Drca never improved in any aspect of his game.  Ditto for Kim Tillie.  Marshall Henderson looked like he could be the next Nick Jacobson, but really lacked maturity. 

Jim did not do as well as he could have/should have in 07 and 08 at recruiting.  He didn't fill the pipeline with players who could be contributing now. 

2.  Keep the core

In response to last year's mass exodus, Boylen did what he had to do and filled up the roster with a non-failing backstop of JUCO players.  Every once in a while, its nice to plug in a juco player to complement a program.  Building your program on the backs on JUCO players is not the way to go, but Jim really didn't have any options. 

Clyburn turned into a nice player.  I would even consider him an NBA prospect, if he can improve defensively.  Jiggy turned into a decent (somewhat overrated in my opinion) point guard.  His ability to take the ball to the basket is something we have not had at Utah since Mark Jackson.

Hopefully, both of those players stick around and finish up at Utah.  They could provide some nice senior leadership and would be better chemistry-wise next year. 

The player that I really worry about is JJ O'Brien.  Not sure how Boylen was able to recruit him, but he is going to be GOOD.  I REALLY hope that Larry is able to keep him around.  George Matthews coming in is a nice player.  Dominique Lee, who redshirted this year, also has some promise. 

As far as bigs go, the team really needs a legitimate 4.  They need a rebounder and low post scorer.  I don't know if there is a JUCO guy they could plug in there for a couple of years or what. 

3.  Teach the big guys

Washburn and Foster are atrocious on offense.  Both are below-average rebounders for their size.  Foster is a defensive force, Washburn is average defensively.  Larry K really needs to teach them how to play the game.  Washburn was a top 100 recruit.  (Frankly, I bet he transfers, but if he sticks around, he really needs to step up). 

4.  Don't sweat the small transfers

There is bound to be some people who transfer.  We lose some guys to missions.  We can't sweat the small guys transferring. 



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