Fotu Suspended For Week 1

Lya Wodraska reported that Nai Fotu has been reinstated, but must sit out the first game.  Honestly, I don't like it.

I completely trust Whittingham and the staff to balanace the desire to win versus doing the right thing.  That said, I've seen first hand the damage drinking and driving can do.  A Drunk driver hit my dad one night, an accident that saw my dad end up having his rollover truck tip over, and saw my Dad go through the windshield.

Over the next few years My dad ended up being out of work about about 18 months over those three years, and go through multiple surgeries to repair injuries.  His shoulder is permanently jacked because of a rotator cuff tear caused by the accident.

We're lucky.  My dad is still alive.

I've stated before that I've though that Nai needed to miss every game.  I fully supported him being on the team, getting the support of the structure the team can get, but I didn't want to see him on the field.  And that was difficult for me to say because Nai has been one of my favorite players since his freshman season.

So I'm not thrilled that Fotu gets off so easy.  It's a one game suspension, and it's not even a game where he'll be all that missed.  That said, Coach Whit and company has seen him all spring and fall, and only they truly know how far he has developed.  Whit is a very moral guy, and I have to believe that he wouldn't have made this move if he didn't think Fotu didn't earn it.  I have to believe this isn't a decision made solely with winning games in mind.

I'll still have a sick feeling in my gut whenever Fotu makes a great play, and I cheer for it.  It'll be hard to forget that he blew 3 times the legal limit and drove down the wrong side of the road.  However, I do believe in 2nd chances, and even if I think the punishment from the team was too light, I pray, that Fotu has learned and makes the most of his 2nd chance.

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