Reviewing the history of Utah's commitments

As we get closer to February 1, I thought it would be fun to look back over the years at the commitments that Utah has received and how they panned out. If you follow this site, you know that I am not a big fan of recruiting websites. In my mind, while this is exciting and recruiting is the lifeblood of the program, I dont get too excited or down when guys who I have never seen decommitt or visit other schools. we go!

2007 Commitments:

Reggie Topps: Going to be a senior. Decent player. Might get more time this year.

Westlee Tonga: Went on a mission, has yet to crack rotation in two years since being home.

Justin Taplin-Ross: reserve until his senior year of 2010. Played out of position at FS that year. Signed by Cowboys, did little.

Derrick Shelby: Just finished career as four year starter. On his way to NFL.

Mo Neal: washed out here, currently at Weber.

Jamel King: washed out here, have no idea where he is now.

Nai Fotu: just completed career. injuries and bad decisions plagued him.

Brandon Burton: Left after junior year in 2010, currently on Minnesota Vikings.

Jereme Brooks: had a nice career. contributed all four years.

Matt Asiata: who knew he would have four years to play 2? Sugar bowl year hero.

Damilyn Tanner: was listed as a four star recruit. never cracked rotation.

Thor Salanoa: no memory of him, and that says a lot.

Lei Talamaivo: had an injury-riddled career. Ended up quitting this past season.

Corbin Louks: quit after two years of being the wildcat QB. Finishing career at Nevada.

Eddie Wide: Came on strong in 2009 when we needed him.

Robert Johnson: One of the biggest impact players in Ute history.

DeShawn Richard: picked off Maxine Hall and the SDSU guy a couple times.

Chad Manis: played backup QB. Finally got on the field in 2010 as a linebacker.

Mike Honeycutt: still kicking around on the roster not doing much.

Dallin Rodgers: A solid contributor.

Louis Finner: see Thor Salanoa

Josh Broughton: Who?

James Aiono: just finished after an up and down career.

Griff Robles: Just left the program for the Dixie State Red Storm


Ray Magee: yeah...........

Ryan Lacy: starter this year.

David Reed: now in the NFL. made some sick catches in his day.

DeVonte Christopher: our top wideout. came as a QB

Aiona Key: athletic freak who showed up big on special teams, and the 09 BYU game.

Sausan Shakerin: forced to retire after too many concussions....would have been great.

David Kruger: could be a starter this year on Dline, or might be forced into relief duty.

Luke Matthews: Still here contributing

Sam Brenner: starter, good player

Derek Tuimauga: no idea who this is.

Sealver Siliga: left early for the NFL.

Siaki Cravens: don't know what happened here.

Kendrick Moeai: came as a WR, now a tight end.

Zach Davila: yet another one i have never heard of.

Lamar Chapman: recovered the blocked kick.

You get the idea. Ill do the others later. It just shows that you can't get too excited about recruits. But you can get fairly excited, because you have to bring in good players.

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