A Letter to Utah Nation.

Utah Nation,

Over the course of the past eleven days we have done a lot of wondering. We've wondered what happened at ASU. We've wondered if our offensive line will survive the rest of the season. Some of us have even wondered if our coaches will survive the rest of the season.

Every aspect of this team and administration has been under scrutiny. Some of the concerns are valid while other concerns are unfounded. Regardless of each individual perspective, though, it is safe to say that the sentiments towards our team have been tested. And expect those same sentiments to be further tested throughout this season and your life as a member of the Utah Family.

WE, the fans, will also be tested. Members of the MUSS, North End Zone, FUSS, Pride of Utah Marching Band and all others that bleed Crimson face this test together. This test is the USC game (coming in at 0-1 in conference play). This test is an away game against UCLA in the rose bowl (predicted by most to be 0-2 for this game). This test is the title: "Best Fans in the Nation" by our football team members. It is the third down jump, the north end zone ruckus and how many times we can rush the field.

We can predict how the football team will play in 24 hours, we can pick apart our team and our opponent, we can try to make a profit on our tickets while we safely reside in our homes watching the game on ESPN, we can sit down instead of stand or we can own our opportunity to welcome our opponents to Rice-Eccles Stadium and Utah Nation.

I don't know how our team will play tomorrow, I don't know how many times we'll be able to rush the field and I certainly don't know who will win. The only thing I can promise is a choice. We have the same choice as our football team to perform at a high level. We have the choice to play every down until the whistle blows. We have the choice to dig in when we are down and we have the choice to never let up. Most importantly, we have the choice to make a statement.

Tomorrow, when you're looking at your ticket debating whether to show up, you're sitting down during an early third-down jump or you are tempted to tailgate until the second half, consider Utah Nation. Consider just another fan. Consider our team. And consider your opportunity. Go Utes.


Just Another Fan

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