Basketball MUSS

I was just commenting on another blog post about the basketball MUSS and thought I may as well post my thoughts here.

I mean did you know that our student section only merits cordoning off 12 rows? That is an embarrassment. Heck, it’s a dang good thing we have a student band because they more than double the amount of MUSS that shows up.

I understand that it’s tough to come to two games every other week, especially when your team is as bad as the Utes are this year. But come on, the 8,000 + member football MUSS can’t turn out 10% of those numbers to the basketball games? That’s all it would take to fill Section G (and maybe more) to make it truly a college atmosphere.

The HC is averaging around 8,000 per game this year, which I think is pretty dang good considering how difficult it is to watch bad basketball. But we've been able to see all 5 wins and I'm pretty sure the home crowd is a big push for our guys out there (see how bad they've been on the road?).

Also, our average attendance is pushing the tops of the PAC 12. We have a proud program and proud fans. I know we want to see wins, but we are part of those wins! Here's to calling out the basketball MUSS! Hey MUSS, how about you rally and set a goal to get 10% of your football attendance to at least one game this year. Then next year we'll push for that number as being average. What do you say?

Here's the Utes schedule (note the home games!):

P.S. I've been to every home game except one this year and I've got to say that I'm having a blast taking my kids. The losing part is hard, but the wins will come, I'm sure of it!!!

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