A pro-style/spread hybrid and other random musings....

-Like many of you, I have followed twitter a lot this morning as news has come out of the Brian Johnson promotion. On twitter, I caught a back and forth between @jazzyvandalute and @Dan_Florence (who is a frequent contributor to Block U). They were discussing something that the radio guys had put forth, that Utah would be running a pro-style/spread hybrid.

Interesting thought. Utah has so many receivers that it would be foolish to not utilize them. There should be some 4 and 5 wide sets. But, Utah also the makings of a good pro style team, with improving tight end and full back play. (As a side note, Shawn Asiata was the reason we won the Sun Bowl. We need to keep utilizing fullbacks.) If we can find a successful blend, can you imagine what a NIGHTMARE that would be to defend against?

A lot of this depends on a competent QB being at the helm. If Jordan Wynn stays healthy, this could be a scary offense.

Of course, it could also confuse the heck out of our own players and it might be a train wreck. I think it has potential for greatness though and I cant wait to see how it does.

-An aspect of the coaching staff restructure is that Sharrief Shah is now a coach, as opposed to a sideline reporter. I think this can have a nice impact on recruiting. I have no idea how it will be from a technique perspective because I don't remember Shah as a player. I do know that it will be bad for the radio broadcasts.

Look, I love Bill Riley. He is passionate about the Utes and he works hard. I appreciate Frank's enthusiasm (although the yelling out of "oh!" and then the long pause drive me nuts). But Shah was such a great sideline reporter. Don't know who they will get to replace him, but I can't imagine they will be as good as Shah.

This probably doesn't concern too many. It does to me. I don't have cable and thus will have to listen on the radio. I just hope they can find someone good.....

-What a job by Kyle to maintain the key pieces of his staff in this. I think that this will work out well in the long run. Can't wait for UTE FOOTBALL!

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