Transfer Watch

I did this last year and I want to do it again.

For the past two years, the Runnin' Utes have faced a mass exodus after each season. And with this season coming to a close soon, its time to take a look at who could leave the program this year. I break it into groups of likelihood.

Low Likelihood:

Glen Dean: He redshirted this year. Wants to go to medical school after graduation. With the redshirt, he would have to lose a year of eligibility or go down a few levels. He will be here, and he will be the starting point.

Aaron Dotson: See Glen Dean

Dijon Farr: Has got plenty of minutes this year and figures to have a nice role next year as a senior.

Cedric Martin: See Dijon Farr

Jason Washburn: The senior to be is proud to be a Ute. He will be here.

Medium likelihood:

Chris Hines: True, he has already used his redshirt year. At best, he will be a backup point. Could see him going down to a division 2 school. He always seems to be looking into transferring, but always comes back.

Anthony Odunsi: He impressed me at the beginning of the year with his ability to take it to the rack. Since, he has not really done much. Have to wonder if he sees himself getting lost in the rotation.

Kareem Storey: knows he will be a backup again next year, and the year after. might decide to seek greener pastures.

High likelihood:

George Matthews: He was pretty highly touted out of prep school, but doesn't seem to fit in here. Hopefully he doesn't go and light it up somewhere else.

Javon Dawson: I dont know how he fits in. As thin as our front rotation has been, he hasn't cracked it. And it will only get tougher next year with new big guys coming in and Foster coming back.

Big Ben's projected rotation next year:

PG Dean, Hines

SG-Dotson, Martin, Odunsi, Seymour (redshirt?)

SF-Loveridge, Farr, Hearlihy

PF-Washburn, Olsen

C-Foster, Bachinsky

Please let me know what you think.

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