Wilson over Wynn?

Ok, hear me out before you immediately bash the idea. Another scrimmage is in the books and the QB's were quite impressive once again. However, most of us were focusing on just two: Wynn, the veteran who's bulked up and is now making long throws, and Wilson, an Elite 11 finalist who's showing just how good he is and how quickly he learns. Watching these two, the question arises, "WHO SHOULD START" and the following thoughts are voiced.

Why Wynn should start:

Experience winning: he has experience playing USC and several other good teams, and has won for the most part when he plays.

Mental toughness: he has been through the ups and downs of winning and losing, as well as so much surgery in so little time.

Bulked up: One of his biggest problems was fragility, but he's bulked up now, has gained muscle on his arms, and is making deep throws (had a 43 yard pass today that was a legit pass, not just a quick dump and let the receiver make something of it).

Don't want a Utah version of Jake Heaps: To me, this is the biggest issue. We've all seen from BYU's "prodigy" and John Hays how it is a mistake to dump someone into a starting role before they're ready. Though John is looking impressive now, thrusting him into last season's starting role with only a few months of D1 practice screwed him over for his first few games and definitely affected him most of the season. With the depth we have at QB, we don't NEED to dump Wilson in as the starter, even if Wynn goes down. It wouldn't be bad to give Wilson a year to get ready, regardless of his progression by the time the season starts.

Why Wilson Should Start:

Learning curve: if you've seen this guy in practice, you'll have noticed how he keeps improving each week and improves not just one aspect, but every aspect. His leadership and decision making are improving daily and I look forward to seeing him by the time fall comes around.

Has been more accurate than Wynn: In the two scrimmages, Wynn has gone 18 of 39 (46%) for 252 yds, 3 TD's, and no Int's.
Wilson has gone 15 of 19 (78.9%) for 162 yds, 1 pass TD, 3 rushing TD's, and 1 Int, which leads me to my next point.

He can run: Wilson's not only shown he can pass, but he's also shown that for a 6'6 QB, he can run for big gains and TD's. With Wynn's sustainability in question, I don't forsee any QB draws in the near future if he's at the helm. However, Wilson's running ability gives the offense a few more weapons to work with and one more man for opposing defenses to cover.

We'll definitely get a better opinion as the season draws near as to how ready both of these QB's are and to who is the better of the two, but for now, it's fun to speculate as to what should be done. So what do y'all think?

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