don't sleep on these guys

The Utes are primed for a great season and in my opinion have more talent than 2005 or 2009.

Several players who's names have yet to surface by the majority of Utah fans, and have failed to warrant a crumby Lya article...

Griff McNabb who the majority of Utes fans know as the token little white boy returning punts and rarely far catching... an intelligent football player would admire his guts and yet hate that same fearlessness at the same time... I anticipate Griff emerging as a threat in the passing game (for those of you who really know football picture a poor man's Ryan Swope... Texas a&m ... while Swope is 6 feet... the two have many similarities) if you have watched the WRs practice this spring you will see Griff dropping the least passes and Griff consistently running crisp routes.

Personally I like Griff far more than the soft and inconsistent Reggie Dunn... but Reggie is obviously a better athlete.

Jacoby Hale might not bust on the scene with too big a splash this fall... but I think he will be an impact player when he is on the field. The kid is built like a lean ox... and is athletic as anyone on the defense. Hopefully they fatten him up over the summer with 12-15 lbs of angus beef... but either way I like him to be in the back field making plays several times a game... and potentially a fan favorite. (furthermore he is fearless and has made many stand out plays in practice one time rallying the defense and resulting in John White in frustration going after Hale... the situation ultimately ended with Hale legitimately owning John White on back to back players and being rewarded by coaches and teammates.

I realize my write up is becoming a novel ... so I will only include one more and save the rest for another day that isn't quiet as beautiful as today...

Lastly is Terrell Reese... and the scrimmage this past Saturday (pick 6 and two plays in the back field) is only the tip of the iceberg for what Reese truly is. The transition from WR to Safety wasn't simple on the kid... but now he is getting the hang of it and will be a force to be reckon with. I would say he has the best ball skills out of anyone on defense... Blechan and Mo Lee included. I anticipate this kid making plays even if Rowe and Blech see most of the PT... He is a pac-12 caliber star and as he continues to adjust to defense... and mentally adjust to the pac12 game... look for him to shine...

I have many more nuggets of dark horses and future Ute stars... feel free to agree/disagree or share your own up and coming studs...

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