Quarterback depth steals show at Red-White game

In the 2012 Spring Game, Red defeats White 22-21

No, there is not a quarterback controversy. Jordan Wynn, despite his so-so performance at today's spring game, will be starting for Utah this season barring injury.

Still, it's good to know that, unlike last year, there appears to be some serious options if Wynn does happen to go down.

I liked what the quarterbacks did. Wynn did have two interceptions and a fumble, though, his last interception came on what was pretty much a Hail Mary pass, so, I'm not going to fault him too much for that one. Jon Hays, who backed up Wynn and started the second half of the season after Wynn went down last year, was probably the best looking quarterback of the day. He finished with one touchdown pass, no turnovers and 114 yards. Adam Schultz, a walk on quarterback, surprised, as he finished with a touchdown and 95 yards on 4 of 5 passing.

Travis Wilson, backing up Hays for the White Team, was 8 of 12 for 72 yards, though he didn't pass for a touchdown.

In the end, the Red team won 22-21 on a Harvey Langi jump pass to Quinton Pedroza during a two-point conversion. An exciting finish to a pretty exciting day.

Ultimately, this team has some talent at quarterback. Hopefully Wynn is more consistent once fall rolls around, and it's nice seeing that even though he gave it his all, Hays isn't the only option if Wynn can't make it through the whole season unscathed.

I've commented on how much I like Utah's receivers and once again, I feel like gushing over Dres Anderson. He's good. Really good. It's going to be exciting watching him grow over the next couple seasons.

John White IV, the Wolfman, didn't play, so, the running game was mostly left to Kelvin York, Jarrell Oliver, and Langi.

So, spring ball is officially over. You don't want to take too much from this scrimmage, but I feel the team has to like where it's at heading into fall camp. Hopefully it continues.

Finally, I'm not buying that only 13,500 people showed up. I was at last year's game where supposedly 20,000 attended and this crowd looked just as large as that one. C'mon, Utah, don't underestimate your fans!

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