2012 fantasy prediction

Well, we've had a few posts where people have talked about how many wins they think we'll have this season, and I'm one of the one's pushing for a season 10-3 or higher. I even went over to the USC fansite to have a few discussions with them (check it out, they actually give Utah a lot of credit). Well, one person actually predicted USC's full season, which I found interesting. So, I thought I might keep our discussions rolling and explain what will hopefully allow us to win each game. Also, for the fun of it, why not swing for the fences and imagine a perfect regular season and predict the scores for each game? Note: I mention which games that are in reality likely losses and potential trap games (I'm not completely insane, just bored and hopeful of the following best case scenario/Cinderella story)

Northern Colorado: I've heard people saying this will be a 4td win, but let's get serious: this will be the first game with BJ as the OC and (most likely, though against my ideas of the right move) Wynn as the QB after surgery/rehab. Therefore, though we should win very easily, I doubt it will be by 4td. Utah-28, Northern Colorado-7

Utah State: Though the Aggies are definitely improving (hopefully enough to beat BYU), they lost Turbin and two of their other top players to the NFL. Therefore, though I'm betting they will perform better than Northern Colorado, we will probably beat them by a larger margin as our offense begins to click and our defense keeps rolling. Utah-34, USU-10

BYU: much though I would love another beatdown as bad as last year, I doubt that's going to happen. The cougs are going to come into RES hungry for revenge, and much though Nelson's not the best QB around, he gets things done and he's tough. I still think we win this one, but it will be a lot more competitive than last year. Utah-21, BYU-17

ASU: with the personnel losses, change in coaches, and replacing a 2nd round QB, I doubt ASU will beat us. However, we need to come into this game hungry or this could go bad fast. Still, by now the Offense should be firing on all cylinders, we should be able to clearly see if Wynn is healthy enough to survive a full season, and the D should be able to steamroll Graham's rebuilding offense. Utah-34, ASU-14

USC: Now here is where I'm going to have the most problems being objective, but I'll do my best. If our D-ends can take advantage of the inexperienced tackles and plant Barkley a few times, our odds greatly improve. Also, our D needs to realize Barkley's two favorite passes and deal with them: 1. Bubble/screen to Woods/Lee and let them turn a two yard pass into 20 yards and, 2. taking a deep shot downfield. If we can shut down Lee and Woods, this game should be ours. That being said, It's Lee and Woods, and USC has probably the best secondary in the conference so White will need the game of his life. All in all, I say it falls to the intangibles: we're playing at RES, we're entering this as the underdogs, Whit is nearly perfect after bye weeks where Kiffen has 1 of 3 wins after byes. So, without further ado Utah 31, USC 28

UCLA: potential trap game, but I don't see it happening, New coach, new system, no set QB and far too many questions heading into the fall. Therefore, Utah-34, UCLA-17

Oregon State: I keep hearing that this team will have a much better year and that their coach is rarely down for long, but until I'm proven wrong, I say White and Star have nights that firmly help make their cases as All Americans. Utah-41, OSU-6

Cal: I honestly have no idea how this game will go, but keeping with the theme, let's keep the winning streak going. Though a potential trap game, Maynard is known to be inconsistent as can be. As long as we contain Allen and Sofele, I don't see us losing this game. That being said, their D will definitely keep them in this one, though losing Kendricks will definitely be a help to Wynn, White, and our offense in general. Utah-24, UCLA-17

Washington State: another tough game. With a new coach who knows how to take advantage of a good passing attack, and with a stable of very good QB's and WR's to utilize, this will be a tough game for our D (Note: have to give a shout-out to Halliday. Any kid who can play with a lacerated liver has my respect and admiration, the crazy idiot). However, they'll be playing at RES and the Muss should be able to get to them, at least a bit (Another shout-out, this time to my MUSS brethren, we need to put up another few false starts for this game). Utah-34, WSU-27

Washington: Aside from the USC game, this will be our toughest game. That being said, we should come out hungry for revenge, our D hopefully manages to plant an injured (I'm one of those predicting Price won't make it through the season healthy) price, and the lack of Polk should give them one less thing to worry about (hey, comparing Price to RG3 is fine, but even Griffen had a 1500 yard rusher to help him balance the load). Offense will probably be fine, but you never know. Utah 28, Washington-21

Arizona: another possible trap game, but once again, we should be able to manage it. Don't really know much about Arizona's new coach, so I'll just guess Utah-38, Arizona-10

Colorado: now THIS game needs to be a massacre. The buffs lost their best receiver, their QB, and their RB. They will likely have the same record as last year of 2 wins. Therefore, we should crush them and have no excuse for coming out flat. White has a 200 yard game and Wynn throws for his life and racks up 5 td's. On D, Star, Fakahafua, and the krugers see their true calling as gardeners and plant the Buffs QB at least 5 times and our secondary has a field day. Utah- 52, CU-3

Oregon (Pac Championship): To me, our D is probably one of the ones with the most potential to handle the ducks. Our D has speed and should at least be able to slow them down a bit. Though We would probably lose this game, let's just ignore that fact and say Utah wins by a field goal, fill in whatever score you want.

Alabama (National Championship): fitting right? Well, if we're going to go fantasy, might as well add in something poetic. We come out a bit sluggish, but only manage to go into the half down by a field goal. Coming out, White has a 100 yard second half, Lacy has a critical pick six and Blechen has another pick with a minute left to seal the game. Utah 17, Bama-14.

Now, I know this is fantasy and we will most likely lose at least the USC or Washington game, I thought it would be fun to make a best case scenario. Please tell me what you think and input what you actually think will happen.

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