Tired of the media

On Wednesday, BYU had their annual media day. And as we all know, Dr. Hill launched a bomb that landed on target in Provo. Literally, every time I turned my radio on, the guys on 1280 the zone were talking about.......Utah football.

As they droned on and on, I got fed up with their message. Led by Gordon Monson and Jake Scott, they belly ached all day about how Utah was a joke, they were afraid of BYU, etc. etc. I hopped on twitter and Kevin Graham was doing the same thing.

With the obvious exception of Bill Riley, every member of the media around here seems to be coming down on Utah for killing the rivalry. Whats worse is.....they are trying to project their own irritations onto the fans. "The fans are the real losers here!" "The University of Utah is ignoring their fanbase, the ones who pay for tickets!" "The fans are outraged!".

That is wrong. Plain and simple. I don't know ANY ute fans who are "outraged" over the decision (as of yet, thats the biggest thing here) to not schedule BYU in the future. Sure, most of us would like it to continue in some way, but I don't think anyone is outraged. If they are, they are in the minority.

No, the real losers here are Gordon Monson, Kevin Graham, and everyone else on the radio. Why? Because they lose money, plain and simple. During rivalry week, they get a bump in their ratings, they charge more for advertising, and more people visit their site. They know it, I know it, and now you know it. So all this BS about the fans being the losers is just that; its BS.

Look, Chris Hill isn't perfect. I don't like how he has handled basketball as a whole. But he has helped us get into the Pac-12. Now instead of Wyoming and Colorado State coming to town, we get USC and Oregon on a regular basis. We got a home and home with Michigan for crying out loud! Anyone holding season tickets is going to be treated to some GREAT games. New rivalries will develop.

And these media hacks are trying to tell us that we are losers because we aren't going to play BYU every year? That somehow Chris Hill is cheating us? Please. These bozos are lying through their teeth, and deep down they know it.

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