Utes surprisingly receive a 95 overall rating in NCAA '13

EA Sports' NCAA Football '13 gives Utah an overall rating of 95.

The biggest moment for many college football fans between spring ball ending and fall camp starting is the release of EA's NCAA College Football series. That will come in about a month. But since we're closing in on that July 10th release date, information on the game, from prestige, to rankings and ratings, is being leaked on the interwebs.

So, if you're a gamer, whether casual or intense, this stretch run is a pretty big deal. It gives us at least some taste of college football while we wait for the 2012 season to arrive (and hey, guys, it's really getting close).

Yesterday, those little juicy nuggets were released to the masses and there is one interesting number - Utah's overall rating, 95, is tied for the 13th best in the entire game. It's also the third best in the Pac-12, behind Oregon (99) and USC (99). Is Utah the 3rd best team in the conference and potentially the 13th best nationally?

EA seems to think so.

Now I do have one gripe: prestige. Utah is rated 4 out of 6 stars here and while I don't necessarily disapprove of that overall rating, I'm not sure I get why Boise State is two-stars better than the Utes. One-star? Sure. Two? Not unless they've won a national championship recently.

Other than that, it's hard not to like Utah's placement in the game. Yes, they're not ranked heading into the season (though I suspect, like in real life, they'll be just outside the top-25), but how can you thumb your nose at a 95 rating?

You can't.

After the jump, Utah's opponents' ratings:

  • Utah State: 75
  • BYU: 89
  • Arizona State: 85
  • USC: 99
  • UCLA: 87
  • Oregon State: 79
  • Cal: 85
  • Washington State: 79
  • Washington: 93
  • Arizona: 83
  • Colorado: 83

High ratings all around, really. But if you were to simulate these games, the Utes would be favored to win probably all but two - USC & Washington.

So, only about a month before the release of NCAA Football '13 and then about a month after that, we'll be in in the thick of fall camp.

It's getting closer. Can you feel it?

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