For those interested in NCAA 13

Team and player ratings have been released and I thought I might share them with the community! I may have made a couple of mistakes on guys lower on the depth chart, because some of our freshmen and juco guys haven't chosen numbers yet...for the most part, though, it looks good.

As far as the ratings, themselves go, I'm thrilled that we've earned respect from someone in EA. A 13th overall ranking is nothing to scoff at, and I think that that kind of production in the real world would exceed most of our expectations for 2012-13. I also generally agree with the individual player ratings, but one glaring thing is John White's 89 overall. I think that he should be in the mid-90's as one of the best backs in division-1. Also, Brian Blechen has been updated from last year and is no longer African-American!


95 Overall (13th-highest rated team)

92 Offense

91 Defense

4-Star Prestige


Jordan Wynn -----------------89 Overall

Jon Hays --------------------- 89 Overall

Chase Hansen -------------- 71 Overall

Travis Wilson ---------------- 62 Overall


John White IV --------------- 89 Overall

Harvey Langi ---------------- 78 Overall

Lucky Radley ---------------- 69 Overall

Jarrell Oliver ----------------- 66 Overall


Dallin Rogers ---------------- 72 Overall

Max Moala ------------------- 67 Overall

Wide Receivers:

DeVonte Christopher ------ 91 Overall

Dres Anderson -------------- 88 Overall

Luke Matthews -------------- 86 Overall

Reggie Dunn ----------------- 83 Overall

Kenneth Scott ---------------- 77 Overall

Sean Fitzgerald -------------- 75 Overall

Griff McNabb ----------------- 68 Overall

Charles Henderson --------- 65 Overall

Tight Ends:

Kendrick Moeai -------------- 87 Overall

Jake Murphy ------------------ 73 Overall

Westlee Tonga --------------- 70 Overall

David Rolf --------------------- 66 Overall

Left Tackles:

Percy Taumoelau ----------- 77 Overall

Carlos Lozano --------------- 70 Overall

Kala Friel ---------------------- 70 Overall

Left Guards:

Zach Lindsay ----------------- 81 Overall

Latu Heimuli ------------------ 73 Overall

Marc Pouvave ---------------- 65 Overall


Tevita Stevens ---------------- 87 Overall

Vyncent Jones ---------------- 76 Overall

Right Guards:

Sam Brenner ------------------ 82 Overall

Siaosi Aiono ------------------- 66 Overall

Right Tackles:

Miles Mason ------------------- 80 Overall

Daniel Nielson ----------------- 73 Overall

Left Ends:

Nate Fakahafua --------------- 82 Overall

Thretton Palamo -------------- 76 Overall

Right Ends:

Joe Kruger ---------------------- 82 Overall

Niasa Leota --------------------- 80 Overall

Moana Ofahungaue ---------- 65 Overall

Defensive Tackles:

Star Lotulelei ------------------- 95 Overall

Dave Kruger -------------------- 83 Overall

Viliseni Fauonuku ------------- 76 Overall

Joape Pela --------------------- 74 Overall

LT Tuipulotu -------------------- 70 Overall

Left Outside Linebackers:

Trevor Reilly -------------------- 88 Overall

JT Strong ------------------------ 73 Overall

Reshawn Hooker -------------- 64 Overall

Middle Linebackers:

Boo Anderson ------------------ 84 Overall

VJ Fehoko ----------------------- 75 Overall

Jared Norris --------------------- 69 Overall

Dave Fagergren ---------------- 65 Overall

Right Outside Linebackers:

Jacoby Hale --------------------- 79 Overall

LT Filiaga ------------------------- 66 Overall

Victor Spikes -------------------- 64 Overall


Ryan Lacy ------------------------ 87 Overall

Mo Lee ---------------------------- 84 Overall

Keith McGill ---------------------- 83 Overall

Wykie Freeman ----------------- 76 Overall

Reggie Topps -------------------- 73 Overall

Free Safeties:

Eric Rowe ------------------------ 81 Overall

Terrell Reese -------------------- 73 Overall

Strong Safeties:

Brian Blechen ------------------- 86 Overall

Quade Chappuis --------------- 79 Overall

Michael Walker ----------------- 74 Overall


Coleman Petersen ------------- 83 Overall

Nick Marsh ----------------------- 78 Overall


Sean Sellwood ------------------ 78 overall

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