What If... Colorado...

I understand that recently someone did a "what if" post, but lately I have been thinking of a different scenario, the Colorado game. WARNING, this post may make you feel nauseous, angry, depressed, or simply "I want to bash my head into the wall" feeling, even though it is not meant to.

I don't need/want to go into great detail of what happened that awful day after Thanksgiving, so all I will say is that Colorado came into our place and beat us... They did the unthinkable, and beat us. The Utes had several chances to win the game, but couldn't do it.

Coleman Peterson's 3 missed field goals may be the biggest one remembered, so what if Coleman makes one of those? Do we win in OT, or gain momentum and blow out the buffs?

First possesion the D stops the Buffs on 3rd down, and Mo Lee gets called for some "after the play" penalty, completley uncalled for. Buffs pick up an automatic first down, go on for a touchdown. So, what if Mo Lee keeps his hands to himself and the Buffs don't get 7 points? I don't need to remind you the Utes only lost by 3

There were many more blown opportunity’s the Utes had, and I don't want to blame the loss on one or two players, but still, what if? This post isn't mainly aimed towards the CU debacle, but what would have happened after it...

Say Mo Lee doesn't get called for a penalty, or JWIV doesn't get injured, or even Coleman makes a field goal and the Utes win, then what? Do we go to Autzen, upset the ducks, play for Roses and beat Wisconsin? I wish, but probably not. I believe our defense would play pretty well, but we still lose by a couple of scores. So, what next? We go to San Antonio, shut down the Heisman, and walk out with a W... Probably not, I see the Utes keeping it close, but do you see the Utes winning that game? I believe they would keep it close, but still come up a few point short...

Now what? We make it to the PAC 12 championship... Lose, play the heisman in a decent bowl.. Lose... What I'm really trying to get to, is that would we be better off beating a pretty good GT team in OT, or beating Colorado and losing our last 2?

I understand I probably sound like a horrible fan, but I'm just thinking about which would give us a better boost into next season. I'm not saying I don't have confidence in my team (heck I'm already having dreams about rushing the field on Oct. 4) to win those 2 big games and I'm not saying I would want Utah to lose against Colorado, I'm just thinking things out because I have nothing better to do except watch every highlight video out there and win 30 NC's on NCAA football 13.

That loss however, the Utes learned something greatly. You can and will be upset in this league if you do not come to play. I don't think the Utes were entirely unprepared, but you could tell from the start that they were playing like they just got back from camping out in front of Best Buy for cheap TV's and crap. I knew this day would come, I didn't think it would be this game, but I knew that eventually we were going to be upset. I think this could help the Utes in remembering the consequences of not showing up to play for every down, which could really be an advantage in the future.

This is my first real big post, so go easy on me, but would you think... " Would the Utes be better off beating a pretty good GT team in OT, or beating Colorado and losing our last 2 when are you looking at momentum for next season?"

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