Random thoughts-7.8.2012

If you are new to BlockU, I just like to jot down a few thoughts from time to time. Nothing earth-shattering, nothing in-depth, just some impressions I have as we get closer to football season. I have also included some hoops news and thoughts.

-We have had a fairly spirited discussion on these boards about recruiting. Some are worried about the lack of top commitments, and perhaps more importantly, the lack of being in the running for top commits.

To be honest, recruiting coverage has blown up to the point that to me its annoying. I am not trying to be critical of people who follow it closely, but to me, there is just too much emphasis from the writers and bloggers on it.

I don't know all about recruiting. I don't know and frankly don't care to take the time to follow what some 18-year old kid is thinking about his future.

Here is what I do know: If we win, the recruits will come. We are in a different world now. Before, we were going after the mid-tier recruits, and because of our winning, we had success. Now we are going after a higher level of athlete. It will take time for us to distinguish ourselves as a great destination. If we win this year, recruits will take note. If we get pounded by fellow mid-tier conference teams, they probably won't look at us as hard.

-I am very excited about the trip to Brazil that the basketball team is taking next month. I am excited for a lot of reasons. Most importantly, I am excited that the team will have a chance to get a better feel for each other and develop some chemistry.

There are two, yes two, players who contributed last year who will be on the roster this season. A lot of new faces will make up this roster for what honestly feels like the 10th year in a row.

While I am optimistic, I am grounded in reality. I know that even at our very best this year, we will be lucky to finish in the middle of the conference. The key for Larry K and Co. going forward will be to keep the roster the same and build. Each year, we need to get better. Just like I said above, if we can start to win, we can land some better talent.

I am not ready to give Larry a solid endorsement. But he does have some attributes that his predecessors did not.....He runs an actual offense, he has landed some top local talent, and he has proven that he can inspire guys to play hard for him always.

This Brazil trip will be a great opportunity for the guys to get used to each other on the court. It will be a great time to bond off the court. Coach Larry K can tinker with things and try different lineups. All of these things will come in handy when we start the season.

-Saw this and figured I'd report it here since I haven't seen it elsewhere. I figured this would happen. But I want to wish him the best. I know this is a minor roster adjustment, but its always interesting to me to browse through the roster and see who is missing inexplicably. Here is the current roster, and the only name that I can't find is Tavita Bloomfield. Any others that you notice missing?

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