Is there a quarterback controversy brewing?

SAN DIEGO - NOVEMBER 20: Quarterback Jordan Wynn #3 of the Utah Utes throws a pass against the San Diego State Aztecs at Qualcomm Stadium on November 20 2010 in San Diego California. Utah won 38-34. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

I still believe, when it's all said and done, Jordan Wynn will be lining up under center (or will that be in shotgun?) come August 30th, . Still, it's fall camp and there has to be some major story line that leaves everyone speculating.

This year, it's the potential of Travis Wilson, and maybe even Jon Hays, pushing Wynn for the starting role - at least that's according to Bill Riley.

With the season only weeks away, this potential development certainly brings about new questions ... and new concerns. Is Wynn not getting it done? Is Wynn getting it done, but Wilson is just getting it done better? Does Utah really want to entrust their season to a freshman quarterback who's never played a down of college football?

It's been done, but it's not something done a lot. Generally, you want to give your quarterback some experience before throwing him to the dogs. Of course, sometimes talent supersedes that and it could turn out to be the right option.

I like Wilson and I think he's the future of our program - but the future is not now. I want experience out there on the football field and not a true freshman, especially after we're barely just recovering from the last time we started a true freshman at quarterback - the guy Wilson is now trying to beat out.

Yes, Wynn played well as a true freshman and gave us hope, with his Poinsettia Bowl victory, that he could lead this offense and do great things. But that was in the Mountain West and in two of his three biggest games, the Utes lost - badly to TCU and a close overtime defeat to BYU.

Are we ready to risk Wilson's future in hopes he's one of those rare quarterbacks who can step in and lead a team to greatness? I think we all agree, on schedule and talent, this year's team is poised for something good - if not more. Does starting Wilson negate that? I think you've got to suspect it might. A true freshman learning plays from a rookie offensive coordinator ... who's only a few years older than our quarterback? That screams growing pains.

Ultimately, like I said, I think Wynn will be the guy. But you never want to hear stories like this because you don't quite know if it's because he's underperforming or Wilson is overperforming. My hope is it's the latter because then it's a win-win - Wynn (...) gets to lead our team, hopefully injury free, to success and then Wilson can step in, maybe in 2014, probably in 2014, and keep it going for a few years.

But if we're starting Wilson come the start of the season, well, I don't know what to think about that.

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