The 2000's Ute Football All-Decade Team

Ok guys, I know this is an odd time to do this, but I just thought I'd throw it out there. We are still a ways out from opening day and I am getting to the point where I'm tired of camp updates (except from Jazzy!) and I want to watch us play!

So to mix it up, I want to have a discussion on who you would put on the all-decade team for the 2000's decade (i.e. 2000-2009). I have my team, which you can see, after the jump!

First things first, don't you love it when people say "after the jump" on a fan post? Yeah, uhhhhhhhhhhh it makes no difference! There is no jump! Anyway......

Second, as you read my list, before you tear me to pieces for leaving off someone (which I no doubt will), please remember that I missed the 2004 and 2005 seasons, and also, my obsession with Utah football was much lighter than it is now in 2000-2002. Still loved the team and followed them, but I didn't follow it as close back then.

That said, here we go!

LT-Jordan Gross

LG-Chris Kemoeatu (an absolute beast)

C-Zane Taylor (three year starter, I didnt know who else to go with)

RG-Thomas Herrion (LOVED this guy, to me, he epitomized what the "new" Utah football was all about. RIP, brother. we still miss you)

RT-Zane Beadles (he never played RT, but how do you keep him off this list?)

QB-Alex Smith (easiest call)

RB-Brandon Warfield (I know that others have been more decorated, but I have never seen a single player show more heart than he did in the 02 Holy War).

WR-Freddie Brown (He had his biggest games when they mattered most in 2008).

WR-Paris Warren (all-around talent)

WR-Steveon Smith (can you imagine the numbers he would have put up in Urbans system?!?!?!?!)

TE-Ben Moa (this is a no-brainer, Moa was a STUD!)


DE-Paul Kruger (obvious choice)

DE-Jason Kaufusi (he was injured so much, and hes now a zoob coach, but he KILLED it when healthy).

DT-Sione Pouha (easy call)

DT-Steve Fifita (hard to beat the defensive MVP of the Fiesta Bowl)

LB-Stevenson Sylvester (easy call)

LB-Sheldon Deckart (loved the way this guy played)

LB-Spencer Toone (great player)

CB-Eric Weddle (do I even need to say anything)

CB-Sean Smith (a 6'3" corner with skills is a nice luxury)

S-Robert Johnson (he would be an all-pro in hte nfl if he was bigger)

S-Morgan Scalley (a ute, through and through)

Ok folks, I know I missed a lot. No doubt I excluded someone who should have made it. What would your all-decade team look like?

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