Studs and Duds: Week 1

The idea is simple. Every week I will post who showed up to play and who layed an egg.


Stud of the week: Travis Wilson

I REALLY wanted to put John White here but I was just too impressed by the rookies debut. Even if it was Northern Colorado, this kid showed guts. two rushing TD's and a highlight play that we will see several times again (and hopefully more of in future games) I don't want to jinx our chances but I gotta say I like the depth we have if Wynn can't play.

-John White-

What else can you say? the Wolfman picked up exactly where he left off. While some are concerned about the depth behind him, my argument is when you get a guy as talented as him in a zone, he WILL get the carries.

- Tight Ends-

More and more we are seeing the TE position play a bigger part in football (just ask the New England Patriots) it is no different in Utah. Jake Murphy looked like a stud out there and the TE's gave us one more dimension we desperately needed after last year. If the WRs and Wynn can step up, this team can be scary good.


Though I would like to single out guys like Mo Lee and Star, this was a total team effort. Shutouts are far and few in between but these guys look dominant. Hopefully they will keep it up with the TDS and Pac-12 conference play coming later.

4th Down guts - I think it was ultimately Kyle's call to go for it on 4th twice and it paid off big. Some would say it's a no-brainer to go for it when your inside the 5 but I still like the aggressiveness. Kyle coached a good one overall and deserves a stud spot this week.


Dud of the week: Coleman Peterson

You knew it was coming guys. After hearing he was working with King Louie in the off season and the SLT article that he was working on his mental game, I wanted to cut him some slack but after hearing Kyle's concerns in spring and fall camp, I was weary. Yesterday, he showed us he still has some growing up to do. I don't know if its mental or if he lacks the skills but he needs to get some confidence quick before he costs us a victory....otherwise there will be blood in the water and the sharks will come.

WR play-

Even though I believe this will get better as the season goes on they did underwhelm us in week one. First game, new scheme, TE's stealing the show,new OC, I get it. but fact is these guys should have been doing whatever they wanted against NC. Call this a borderline dud,

Well , what do you think guys? who are the studs and duds I missed?

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