Wynn's out for good, starting job's up for grabs

So, after what could possibly be a record 4th injury requiring shoulder surgery in the past three years, Jordan Wynn is finally throwing in the towel. Though we all are feeling bad about his injury, I'm pretty sure most of us saw this one coming after the USU game and the shaky O-line play. Even if Wynn had been healthy, his performance showed that he was not the guy for the job with the shaky throws, immobility, and worst of all, his lack of leadership. That being said, I wish the best for Wynn in his future endeavors and I hope Whit is wrong and he doesn't need a fourth shoulder surgery.

So, where do the Utes go from here? A veteran backup who brought a spark to rally the team last week or the talented kid who Whit has openly said hasn't been "the guy" yet? I get that this is similar to the "Wynn, Hays, or Wilson" thread, but I'm going to try to go a bit more in depth for the fun of it and look at the pros and cons of each qb:

John Hays (12 of 26, 154 yds, 1TD, 0 INT):

Pros: To start, he's a different man than he was last year. He's gotten better with his decision making, as can be seen by the fact that he didn't take a single sack, sacrificing his completion percentage to throw the ball away more and avoid the sack. Yes, he still made a few mistakes last night, but that's to be expected considering how few of reps he got in place of Wynn and Wilson. He's also a heck of a lot more mobile and durable than Wynn. The example that comes to mind is the time during the USU game when the pocket completely collapsed (big surprise), and Hays bailed out of the pocket, ran to his left, and dove for the first down while tacking a good hit from an Aggie defender. Regardless of who the starter is Saturday, Hays or Wilson, opposing defenses will have to respect the QB a lot more as a mobile threat, which should help improve White's effectiveness. Last of all, yet most importantly, he has the heart and the demeanor to fire up the team. While Wynn was in, we played as flat as can be. But, when Hays came in and started shouting at all the guys in the huddle, they started stepping up. Hays brought us from a 13 point hole to a tough overtime loss that we only lost because of three mistakes (low fg snap, offensive pass interference, and a well thrown ball that Devonte missed (watch the replays, his mistake, not Hays')). So, if Hays is indeed the starter Saturday, I'm confident that he'll be able to keep us in the game.

Cons: the main con for me is that Whit has definitively said that if Hays starts, they will continue to use Wilson in specific packages. As some of you might have seen in the USU game, this was a big mistake, not because of WIlson, but because of when they decided to put him in. They would insert him for one running play at midfield after a good Hays throw, and when he got stuffed, Hays was put in a tough situation with his momentum effectively halted. If they're going to make Hays their starter, leave Wilson out and bring him in for some red zone plays, like what ASU does with Eubank and Kelly.

WILSON (3 of 3, 49 yards, 1TD, 0INT, 2 rush TDS):

Pros: Obviously, Wilson is the future of the program, and why not get him learning the system as early as possible since we're not going to redshirt him? He's shown that he can run the ball well and has yet to make an incomplete pass. As with Hays, he provides mobility and an ability to scramble and take a hit.

Cons: Three main cons for me: First, we've only seen him throw three passes, and though all three have looked pretty good (the one to Kenneth Scott was a bit sketchy, but we'll give it to him), that's not enough to get a good sense of a QB's passing ability. Two, Whit's openly said that Wilson has shown leadership and skill in practice and scrimmages but he hasn't been "the guy" like Hays has when he's stepped in and lit a spark under his team. Given how football is a team sport, having that leadership ability is huge, and Wilson needs to show it and step up to be able to lead this team. Most importantly, HE"S THE FRICKEN FUTURE OF THIS TEAM. Given how shaky our Oline is, do the Utes really want to put him out there and risk getting him injured and becoming the next Jordan Wynn. Wilson is talented and has shown that his learning curve is incredible given half a year to learn and develop. Think of what we could get if we give him another year to develop physically and mentally.

All that being said, I think you can see where I'm leaning. I would prefer to see Hays start and Wilson take several redzone reps and cleanup duty. However, I am not a Utah football coach, so what do I know?

So, who do you guys think should start, Hays or Wilson?

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