Studs and Duds: Week 2

You know the drill. I know I'm a little late but here it is anyway. I think it goes without saying there will be a lot more duds this week. Well, let's jump right in


Stud of the week: Kenneth Scott

I think we all agree, Scott was one of the few bright spots from Friday's travesty. The kid showed good jump ball moves and hopefully can contribute a lot to the QB transition period.

Coleman Peterson: Yeah, I know he missed in regulation (twice) but a 52 yarder is no easy thing and frankly after his horrible week 1 performance, he improved quite a bit.

John Hays: This is my borderline stud, Hays certainly gave the boys a momentum boost coming in for the injured Wynn, but his play late in the third and the fourth gave me little hope he has drastically changed from last year as some would have us believe. The kid had heart but he needs to really step it up for week 3


Dud of the week: The offensive line

Let's not sugarcoat it folks, we have BIG problems right now on the O-line. I'm not saying BJ called a great game but he is getting some unfair flak for his play calling on friday. The pass protection was horrible,and the run support wasn't that much better.How scary is it that a defensive front from a team of USU's caliber was doing practically ANYTHING it wanted against Utah's O-line? I hope this is an issue we fix fast.

Special teams unit: Many of us feared USU had a slim chance at an upset was if USU got us in an early hole,.....well, check on that one. Sellwood was pretty solid and the kick return coverage looked okay. That said, okay will not cut it when Pac-12 play starts. The margin of error was slim as it is and these guys dropped the ball several times Friday.

Officiating: Let's be clear, I don't think the refs costed us the game but there was just too much flags for my taste and the calls were very inconsistent. Yeah, I'm bitter about the bogus offensive PI call and the no call that followed but frankly we shouldn't have even been in that situation.

Jordan Wynn: Again just to be clear, I don't want this to look like I'm kicking him while he's down, this is based entirely off of his performance Friday. Granted, the O-line didn't do him any favors, but Wynn looked completely lost out there and clearly wasn't ready physically or mentally. I wish him the best for his future. Anyone who is glad he got injured is a loser, fact of the matter is he just had piss poor luck.

Like Jazzy said, this I haven't felt this much uncertainty since 2005 but I really hope the guys will come out pissed and ready to prove Friday was a fluke. Then again, BYU wants revenge for embarrassing them in LES last year. Which one will trump the other?

Well that's it for this week.......Thoughts?

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