Thoughts on AP poll Week 1

So, as much as I dislike the early season polls, they continue to keep coming out, starting with the week one AP poll that was released today. Just thought I'd air a couple of my thoughts on it and see what you guys think.

1. Bama definitely deserved this spot. As much as we love to harass them about scheduling cupcakes, they stepped up and whooped a decent Big Ten team. So yeah Bama, you guys earned number one. . .angst.

2. After their terrible game this week, Oklahome doesn't deserve to be at 5, especially given how FSU and several other teams played. This is a biased placement and OK should be out of the top 5, if not the top 10 (I mean, really? 24-7 against UTEP and they're still ranked number 5?).

3.Some of the SEC teams in the top 10 don't deserve to be there: I'm fine with SC at 9 because they did win against a good Vandy team, but Georgia and Arkansas let their FCS patsies score way too many points to merit them a spot here, especially given the SEC's reputation as a defensive conference.

4. West Virginia should be hire then 9 (just replace them with one of the aforementioned SEC teams at around 7). They were playing a pansy team like everyone else, but they absolutely murdered them and Gino Smith was insane with 4 passing and 1 rushing TD.

5. Why are people praising Michigan state for playing a crappy game and barely winning against a bad Boise State team, especially since they had so many turnovers and were just relying on Bell all the time (who admittedly is a beast). Just cause BSU started the season ranked doesn't make them good (as was seen in the game), or make beating them merit you a better ranking.

6. Clemson should be higher. From what I saw in the game, Boyd's improved as a QB, Ellington is insane, and I see Clemson being very good this year.

7. Nebraska and Ohio state should be ahead of Wisconsin and MSU, they were by far the best teams this week in the Big 10. I mean, even Minnesota put up a better game then MSU.

8. Stanford should be out of the top 25. They barely beat SJSU, enough said.Hate to say it, but either BYU or UNC should've taken their place as 25, followed in any order by us or Baylor. (btw, one of my friends goes to Elon, he was so pissed when UNC crushed them 62-0, it was hilarious).

So, those are my thoughts for the week one polls. Didn't get to see a lot of games, but did see a lot (tv in my dorm room + massive homework load = lots of football games playing as I work). And once again, let me preach how if we're going to do polls, we need to wait till at least week 4 to start. Otherwise, we get crap like with the MSU-BSU, Bama-Mich games where teams' ranks are padded since they beat "ranked" opponents, regardless of either one's skills. By waiting till the season is at least a third of the way done, you get a much better perspective on where each team ranks.So, what are your opinions on the matter?

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