I said it in a comment, and I'll say it again. This week is redemption for the Utes. What happened in Logan was bad, really bad. Everyone, including the coaches never showed up. Alright Kenneth Scott probably did thats it. Going into this season we all had such high expectations, some believing this team wasn't just going to compete for the south, but win it. And now, that has all changed after 1 horrible perfomance. It can change, I know it...

In my opinion, the Utes have 1 chance to get back in it. That one chance is a home, night game on ESPN against a hated rival.

Utes lose this game, I dont see them winning in Tempe, the devils are looking hot this year. USC? No way you beat USC after losing 3 straight. Then you go to UCLA and OSU, teams that recently knocked off top 20 BIG 10 teams. You thought the 2010 TCU massacre was a down ward spiral, that was atleast late in the season.

Now a win, thats big. You win this game, you are right back in it. You take momentum into the Pac 12 games. This is the perfect time for the D line to show they are one of the best in the nation. A time for Brian Johnson to show that he can be an offensive coordinator. A time for the O line to prove they arent absoulute dog $hi+. A time for the receivers to show their skill. A time for the wolfman to howl. A time to prove we belong. A time of redpemtion.

When was the last time ESPN was in RES? 2004? This is the real coming out party for Ute nation. A coming out party for the Muss on ESPN. To show we will not just roll over after a horrible perfomance. This is redemption for the Utes, a second chance to prove ourselves on ESPN. What's gonna happen Ute Nation, do we come out with a chip on our shoulder pissed off and fired up, or we do look worse than friday? All we can do is believe. Have faith in the coaches when it is hard to, and believe in the players when they need it the most.

Utes need this win, badly. I sure hope the leadership on this team shows, and they come to play, no, they come prepared to dominate, because this may be the only shot we got. (cue "lose yourself" by eminem)

A Utah Man am I!!!

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